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Updated to version 1.100.1!

Free Fire India APK is a popular battle royale game. It is a mod version of the popular game on the play store called Free Fire that has been downloaded more than one billion times by the users. You can predict the influence of this game on the players. By looking at the number of times people have installed this package on their devices. When it comes to action category, we only think of two big names the first is this one and the second is PUBG. People have always been confused and comparing both these games arguing which one is best. But nothing has come out of this because there are some unique and special features in each of the games that make it different from the other one. So it is difficult to recognize one as the superior one.

Considering its dedicated fanbase in India Free Fire has introduced. This new version to cater that market and offer something incredible to its valuable users in this country. India is the most populous country in the world and most users are also from this country. So it was important to offer them something that they deserved. This customized version of Garena Free Fire will provide the Indian players with a tailored gaming experience. Allowing them to make various changes in their game settings and go through the Indian touch in the game that is not available in the original version. Like when you roam on the streets you can see some famous Indian buildings. You can also come along some desi Indian people that will give you a feeling of this country’s landscapes and culture.

About The Free Fire India APK

Free Fire India APK contains Indian characters and themes that relate to the country’s traditions. The players will be able to see some famous Indian personalities during their time playing this game. This feature has been added to make the game more appealing to the users . Who play it the most or who desperately wanted a feel of their own hometown in a game they played the most. This feature is not only suitable for the existing users. But it is strongly believed that it will help add many new users to the community and broaden the circle of players in this region. Because of the features that resonate with the lifestyle the are having.

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Moreover, the game organizes and conducts exclusive events that revolve around the main traditional and cultural festivals of the country. In recognition to their achievements and the efforts, players are offered different prizes that enable them to know their worth in the game. As the most eminent players because they are investing their time on this game. So these awards may consist of different passes and coins. That will allow them to get benefit in the later stages when they encounter a difficulty like reviving themselves after getting a shot. If you want to know about all the features directly.

More About The App

These incredible features have been incorporated to capture the largest possible market share of customers. Who are fans of this game or this category because if a person is inclined towards something. Then you can always attract him by offering things that relate to his taste or preferences. Furthermore, to assist them do not miss anything, developers have also reduced the size of the game in this new version considering the economical situation of the country. Because not everyone in this state can afford an expensive smartphone with large RAM and ROM. So it was necessary to reduce the size so that everyone is able to get the game on their devices without having any troubles when it comes to the gaming speed.

Free Fire India APK is available in multiple Indian languages. This has been a matter of great discussion because when you have a huge fanbase in a particular region. But you cannot cash it just because you do not speak their language. Then it creates a huge hindrance in the journey towards extracting the most out of something. So to overcome that issue developers had to think of creative ideas and features.

Features of Free Fire India APK

  • Fast paced gameplay

If you have a low budget phone and are wondering which game. I can play on it then go to the download link we have given on this page and get this game. It runs perfectly on such devices.

  • Fifty players

Like the parent app, you will also have the option of playing against 49 other accomplished players. Who will be up against each other in a last man standing match they will last according to the skills of individual players.

  • Clash squad mode

A 4×4 game mode where you can get together all your favorite buddies and make a squad to fight other teams in the game.

  • Multiple maps

You will be given access to more than one map that will lead your way towards the enemy or a safe zone where you can rest for a while before restarting the venture.

  • Voice chat

Probably the best option that these games have because it helps in coordination and seeking help from your peers when you are in a squad mode.


Free Fire India APK climbing the ladder of ranks can earn huge rewards to the players. Like they can be give magnificent prizes or promotion to the next levels according to the skills that they posses because this is all a game of skill set. Players can find several loot crates at different locations that contain lot of treasures. That will come in handy when they are in a danger and need emergency help. Furthermore, players can have and keep pets in the game that will assist them like showing them the way or warning them about the enemy hideouts. Most preferred pet during the times of war is a dog because they have been the most trusted animals in such circumstances.

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