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NIX Injector ML APK v1.16, v1.15, v1.13, and v1.12 with their Passwords is best for you, If you are the fan of online games, then you must know about the Mobile Legends Bang Bang, it is an online game in which players from all over the world compete with each other. And if you are gamer of Mobile Legends BB, then we have a great news for you. You know, game requires high level skills in order to get success. Plus, it also has Skins in it that plays very important role in your game performance. You cannot just upgrade your Skills in just one day, that’s why an application named NIX Injector v1 16 provides perfect cheats for you to grip on you MLBB Skills.

About NIX Injector ML APK

NIX Injector 1.16 APK is basically an injecting tool that injects many features in your Mobile legends BB. We can also call it a kind of patching application and Patcher are great way to enhance your gaming quality, it injects all the relevant files in your game without damaging your credentials and you are set to go.

It has many great functionalities, for example, the drone feature is something appreciated by huge number of gamers. Gives you complete control over the game. As the name shows, drone will be handed o you so you can have a good picture of battlefield. So don’t wait and download!

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Application provides great cheats for the skills, skills that require you for a very long time, skills that will make you a nightmare to online gamers, along with Skills, we know that there is one more thing that is extremely important in the Mobile Legends Bang Bang. And that is Skins, better the skins, greater the performance. It unlocks all the premium Skins that you have to buy from the game. Just download the NIX Injector APK application and enjoy its great features.

Features of NIX Injector APK

  • Upgrade Skills:

Skills are one of the main factors in MLBB, if you don’t have any cheats or patch in the game then it is really difficult to play with the master gamers around the world. Because, they will eliminate you in few seconds. Just inject the application in the game and you will have master level skills which will make your game even more interesting to play.

  • Skins:

As we mentioned earlier the significance of skins in the game that how important they are in the game. Plus, the premium Skins are always locked which you have to buy from the game, but with in your game, all the premium Skins will be unlocked and ready to use.

  • Drone View Feature:

This is one of the most tactical feature introduced by patching applications, gives total control to the gamer. By drone view, you can have a big picture of the battlefield which will give you an edge over other gamers. Isn’t that great?

  • Anti-Banning Application:

No banning will occur in any case. Totally safe to use. Just download the application and get started to achieve master level grip on your MLBB gaming.

  • Easy User Interface & Error Fixing:

Application isn’t complex to use. Everything is right in front of you. Easy to use. You will not be irritated or get confused. It is all simple. Plus, it also fixes errors which makes it even more attracted to users.

How to Download and Use NIX Injector ML APK?

For Downloading and Installing the Latest NIX Injector Updated Version is much more easier from our Website, Go to the Download Page of Our Website and you will get Download of NIX Right there. After Downloading the App, you can find it in your Download Folder in your Android Phone. So, Simply you can Install this ML Tool App. Therefore, you can see it in your Homepage Screen. Open the App and Enter the Password to Unlock the App to Access the features. You will find Password of v1 16 v1 12, v17 & v18 in the Download Page Respectively.


If you are a Mobile Legends Bang Bang gamers and you are having difficulties finding an application that gives you complete control over the game like unlocking skins, background changes etc. then you really don’t need to worry. We always have something best for you. An application named NIX Injector APK is your dream tool to use. Not many gamers are familiar with this application right now but it will rock the MLBB world once it got used by gamers. We know that you have to download different tool for unlocking ML Skins and different tools for background changing. It is so messy and irritating NIX Injector got all for you. So don’t wait and download.

Application gives free skins and upgrade skills in MLBB to enhance your gaming experience. Anti-banning feature making it untouchable, so don’t wait and Download NIX Injector APK to enjoy gaming!.

What is N.I.X Injector ML Password?

The Password of N.I.X is given at the download page for both versions, and you can unlock the app by just typing the password.


Is it is Updated in 2021?

Yes, it is frequently updated for its users and it is most updated Injector ML 2021 and Its Current version is 1.16.

Do you really offer unlocking of ML Skins?

As we mentioned earlier that main aim of the application is to unlock the premium skins for the mobile legends BB gamers. Now they don’t have buy different skins to achieve success in the game.

How to Change most of features in ML?

It isn’t just skin unlocking application. we claimed earlier that it gives you complete control. Here is another feature to prove it. now all backgrounds are in your hand. Change them as you desired.

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