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Tiktok now APK v4.5.3 (Latest Version) – Free Download

TikTok Pte. Ltd.

11 July 2023 (11 months ago)

App Name Tiktok now APK
Latest Version v4.5.3
Last Updated 11 July 2023
Publisher TikTok Pte. Ltd.
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Category Social
0/5 Rating (0)

On daily bases the Tiktok is updating its features and keep moving ahead to attract more and more users on international level. This progressive feature adding has made the Tiktok to get more and more boost internationally. Other developers are adding value to the software giant via different features made. The Tiktokers all over the world use the most recent adds to the Tiktok application as a new and unconventional source to boost the viewers and followers up. Sometimes it uses the key new filters to make the things go contagious and other times the application attracts the users with the be-real features get added and make things out of filters.

The Tiktok now APK is a Tktok developed application that provides you a platform to share the instantaneous videos and pictures, to show what you are doing at the moment or a certain time of the day. This feature or application has been introduce due to the need and popular trend of BeReal social network. This makes the Tiktok further get popularize and also make the application a broader horizon to make it contagious and also become a multiple paradigm of application that touches every social life and also makes it amazing application that makes things on real time and reality based as well.

About the Tiktok now APK

The Tiktok now APK is a product of the software developers of the Tiktok and is launch by the Tiktok. The application provides you a platform to share the instant update of your life that what are you doing at the moment to your Tiktok followers and friends with the help of photos and short clip videos. This application works like snapchat but its use is as a feature of the Tiktok now. This feature or rather application has gone so much contagious and viral that it is possible that it will take the roll of the snapchat in our lives as well.

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Its inspiration is by the popularity and trend of the BeReal social network. This application has further popularized the Tiktok in the world and has fiercely dragged the application towards next level of success. The application has simple and easy to use interface that helps you to use it easily and helps the application go to new panicles of success in the crowd.

More about the app

The way its is used and works super simple as every day you will have a notification at any random time that asks you about what are you doing at that moment that you have to share a ten seconds video or picture. The random timing makes this feature of Tiktok a real time and authentic update of your day is so tangible idea that is so undeniable to use. Unlike other social media platforms and also the Tiktok itself, the Tiktok now APK has come forward with a platform to be authentic and encourages authenticity. To add you can also have the newsfeed of the people you follow in the main screen.

Features of the Tiktok now APK

These features of the Tiktok now APK make it so real and tangible that everyone must have the application;

  • Authenticity; for the first time in history the application has fascinated people by going towards authenticity that you have to be honest with your followers and friends in any time of the day by uploading the feature video or picture.
  • BeReal; it is prone to the idea of BeReal.
  • Free, safe and super secure to use as its source is Tiktok itself.
  • You can earn money for using the application.


The Tiktok now APK is a step of a social media towards the authenticity and being realistic in the social life. Amid the fake and fantasies created by all social media platforms, including Tiktok itself, this application is an amazing step for realistic approach in social media. So I must recommend you to get this application in your device.

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