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3dult Mobile APK v1.42 (Latest Version) – Free Download

Oleg Sharonov

1 March 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name 3dult Mobile APK
Latest Version v1.42
Last Updated 1 March 2023
Publisher Oleg Sharonov
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Category Photography
0/5 Rating (0)

3dult Mobile APK is a photo editing software for android mobile phones. This application allows users to capture photos as well as edit the pre-captured dull photos into professional photographs. It gives options to users to adjust the brightness, saturation, vibrance, or contrast of photos and remove any noise with the help of a noise reduction feature to enhance them. One of the standout features of this photo editor is that it also allows users to develop their own filters and give a signature touch to all pictures.

Moreover, they can also send this filter to developers so that they can add it to the application for other users. Not only this, but this application also allows users to edit photographs with premade presets and reduces the hassle of manual editing. Among the ordinary color-adjusting tools, few special color corrections are available in this application, including LUTs. So, if you are into photography and want to level up your photography game, then this application is a must to check out.

About 3dult Mobile APK

If you have a penchant for photography but don’t own a DSLR, then don’t worry; 3dult Mobile APK has your back. This photo editor application is indeed a life savior for all photographers because it offers amazing features. With its incredible user interference, it allows everyone to get benefit from it. Whether a naïve or a professional photograph is on the board to use, they can easily understand its function and get the most out of it. It allows users to capture photographs directly from it and then edit them with color correction tools and premade filters.

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Moreover, it allows them to upload and edit photographs from the gallery by adjusting exposure, saturation, contrast temperature, and much more. One of the standout features of 3dult Mobile APK is that it allows users to create their own filters with signature style; this minimizes the hassle of manually editing all the photographs. Moreover, they can always use the premade presets and enhance their photographs. This application brought DSLR-like photography to your mobile phone and is a revolution in the future of computational photography. Photographers can adjust the camera lighting easily and capture captivating moments like a professional. The camera has an autofocus lighting feature that adjusts light automatically in the best possible manner. Whether you’re a nephophile or a selenophile, your pictures captured by a 3dult Mobile APK camera will have perfect saturation, definition, and sharpness.

Features of 3dult Mobile APK

Create presets.

Through this revolutionizing photo editor, users can create their own filters by adjusting the tools and then save them for later use. Moreover, they can also send these presets to developers, and if they like them, they can add them to the application for other photographers to use.

Better color reproduction

Most camera applications ruin the picture’s original color of the photograph, but this app captures every photo with the best colors and saturation.

Easy-to-use interference

This application is very handy and convenient as you can quickly capture and edit photographs by using multiple tools.

HD photo capture

Users can capture high-quality pictures without any distortion and pixelation through its camera and then share them with others.

White balance and exposure

3dult Mobile APK has a professional mode that allows users to control the white balance and exposure of the video and photo, just like DSLR.


3dult Mobile APK is the best photo editor because of its standout features. Users can capture as well edit their dull photographs into professional photographs. With the help of photo editing tools, premade presets, and the option to create their own presets, photographers, find it easy to edit their photographs.

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