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24 January 2023 (1 year ago)

Latest Version v3.0
Last Updated 24 January 2023
Publisher 4ANIME
Requires Android 4.4 and up
3.7/5 Rating (3)

Anime characters originated in Japan, then they became famous in the surrounding nations especially Korea and China. Today, people have developed thousands of games and movies based on anime. It has a huge fan base in the entire world. People love to watch anime movies and play anime games. This time, we are up with something special for the ones who are true fans of anime. 4ANIME APK is a video streaming app that enables you to watch anime movies in high resolution for free.

The app has a nice interface that reminds you of big companies like Netflix and others. Despite being a third-party solution to your entertainment problems, this app has been developed in a professional way that has the remedy to your boredom. You can skim through the genres that you want to watch or which you prefer watching, and after that, you will be able to see all the movies that are available on an app belonging to that specific genre. 


4ANIME APK comes in a small size of just 20 MBs which saves your storage and does not affect the device’s performance at all. Unlike other video streaming apps, you do not need to have a genuine member of this app. This will let you watch everything without subscriptions, this way, you can have endless entertainment for free of cost. Wherever we wish to watch an anime movie for free, we search for third-party apps and end up getting apps that not only show too many ads but also harm our device performance by slowing it down due to the bugs that are present in such apps. These apps have many other negative impacts as well like they contain malicious items that can steal your data in the worst-case scenario.

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Many users face language problems when they watch movies that are not in the language that they understand. To solve this issue, 4ANIME APK has integrated a multi-language feature that helps people in understanding the movie content. Moreover, it also provides them with an opportunity to learn a new language. Furthermore, you also get an option of subtitles in multiple languages that provides you with an opportunity to learn a new language when you are watching the movie in the original language and reading subtitles in your language. 

Features of 4ANIME APK

Anime movie library

Get an unlimited number of anime movies in just one app. There are thousands of hit anime movies that have been made available for people like you who are crazy about anime. In addition to this, the app keeps updating its library so that you do not miss any new movies that release in the market. 

HD video resolution 

You will not complain about the quality of the video that this app provides. All the movies are in HD quality. You can also adjust the resolution according to your preferences you can set the video quality to 480p if you have weak internet. 

Free access

Access to all the content is free of cost, there is no subscription or other issues, just open the app and start watching. 


You can rate a movie and interact with the community by logging in through your social media accounts or making an account for yourself as well. 


4ANIME APK is a video streaming service that helps you with watching unlimited anime movies in a single place. It has a beautiful interface and supports multi-languages. This app will update you about the new episodes so that you do not miss a single moment from the videos that you love watching. 

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