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AGE Of History 2 APK

AGE Of History 2 APK v1.01584_ELA (Latest Version)

Łukasz Jakowski

4 March 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name AGE Of History 2 APK
Latest Version v1.01584_ELA
Last Updated 4 March 2023
Publisher Łukasz Jakowski
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Category Strategy
5/5 Rating (1)

The AGE Of History 2 APK is a strategy game full of adventures and daring missions that test your skills through the ultimate challenges which put you in harsh conditions that create problems for survival. The game is full of breathtaking events that are filled with dangers. Dive into a world where wars are going to be your fate and fighting is going to be the activity that you will indulge yourself in the most because that is the only way of staying alive and making the world a better place to live. Pass different levels by gaining victory in the battles against the evil enemy that is trying to capture the whole world so that they can rule over it.

About AGE Of History 2 APK

You will be playing the role of the protagonist in AGE Of History 2 APK, your mission is to save the world by fighting difficult battles against the enemy so that the world can be run through a democratic system where everyone’s life and liberty are ensured and respected. The mission is not going to be an easy one but you will have to put in all efforts to make sure that the enemy does not expand its roots in the world and does not capture any land where they can settle. Destroy every enemy settlement and make them run for their lives, this way you can outnumber them, and ultimately you can win the bloody wars. 

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There is no other way to beat the enemy other than fighting bloody wars against them. There is no way that you can bow down to the enemy and accept their supremacy because if you do that then not only you will fall prey to them but the whole world will be conquered by the enemy and they will administer their writ and it will not be easy for the people to live under the fascist regime of people who don’t understand the worth of human life. 

Features of AGE Of History 2 APK


If you always wanted to play a game that involved massive blood baths and killings then here is it for you. The design of this aap is just for you if you live playing violent games because it is full of violence. 


Games that involve war situations require high-level graphics which is why people who made this beautiful game have made sure that the gamers do not feel any kind of left-out feelings when it comes to the graphics of the game.


Maps are the fundamental elements of a game like this and without them, there is no chance of surviving in such a tense situation. This game allows the users access to professionally designed maps that not only show the routes but also spot enemy hideouts for the players. 

Peace treaties 

There will be a time when you can talk to the enemy and solve the issue through dialogue, when you are playing the game then you should always keep some room for peace talks. 


The game consists of diverse civilizations with people coming from different cultural backgrounds, this is why your main goal is making the world a democratic place for those people. 


Download AGE Of History 2 APK and save the world through your strategy skills. Fighting wars is not children’s play and requires much attention. The game tries to assist gamers in every situation. Although the missions are tough, you will pass through the levels because the people and your combat team are backing you and are there to help you if the situation gets worse. Download the game now to experience an experience like never before. 

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