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AI Avatar APK v3.4 (Latest Version) – Free Download

ViLike Inc

16 December 2022 (1 year ago)

App Name AI Avatar APK
Latest Version v3.4
Last Updated 16 December 2022
Publisher ViLike Inc
Requires Android 4.4 and up
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If you want to know how entertaining AI can be, then you got to have this app on your device. Through AI Avatar APK, you can swap any face in a video clip with your face. It looks very real, no one will be able to realize that it is not you in the video. You must have seen many videos on the internet before that use this technology and use a selfie to swap faces, this is a new technic that aims to provide entertainment to smartphone users. In this article, we will be looking at what exactly you can expect from this app and what privileges must an app like this should provide to the users, stay with us till the end.

About AI Avatar APK

The app will help you in making an AI Avatar of your selfies. For creating an avatar, first, download the app. After you are done with the downloading process, open the app. Now the import process will start. If you do not want to import a selfie from the gallery then you can directly open the camera from the app and take the selfie. For people who want to do it the other way, they have to select the import option and choose the selfie they want to use. After importing, you will be able to process and create your avatar in a few simple steps. Users can export their avatars for free without any watermark. These avatars can be used in many places like your profile pictures on both normal and professional sites. They are the best solution for people who are possessive about their privacy. 

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Let us talk a bit more about face-swapping technology, this thing came into being just a year or two ago. Before that, there was no such a concept. This technology is a masterpiece of AI that we can see with our naked eyes. You can literally see yourself moving in a video where there was not even a thought of you being present. Making an avatar through the swapping process is just like making an avatar of a selfie. Just that here you will be importing a video and before you were uploading a selfie. 

Features of AI Avatar APK

Face swapping 

You can now any face in a video with your name just by following a few steps in this app. It does the job perfectly and makes it look real. Might be possible that you must have used other platforms before downloading this one but when you start working on this, you will certainly feel the difference. 


If you are using social media, you must have seen your favorite celebrities sharing their avatars. No doubt they look amazing but the good news is that now you can make an avatar of yourself with the help of this app. The process for creating the avatar has been explained already. These avatars can be used for various purposes like on CVs, instead of using your real picture that looks unprofessional, you can use your avatar. 

Free of cost

The app is free, it could be a great opportunity for people who are looking for entertainment on the internet for their use or just to kill some time. 

Face animation 

This feature lets you animate your pictures. You can relive memories of people who are no longer alive by seeing their pictures move with this app. It will be a wholesome experience. 


Download AI Avatar APK if you feel bored during your free time. Find something interesting to do. See yourself dancing, running, and doing many other activities after swapping your face with different characters in video clips. 

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