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Alooytv APK v1.0 (Latest Version) – Free Download


13 May 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name Alooytv APK
Latest Version v1.0
Last Updated 13 May 2023
Publisher alooytv
Requires Android 4.4 and up
0/5 Rating (0)

You might have found it quite difficult, as like others to find an application that is reliable source of news and magazines. The problem we face to find one is either financial issue or any kind of scam that is along with it. Today the trust on the application is so rare and is quite difficult due to a lot of reasons like security and privacy or your code of conduct as the applications can be real threats to them. Meanwhile, the idiot box is not portable so that we can have all the news where ever we go.

Putting in front all these mentioned issues the software developers have made this Alooytv APK to reduce your pressure of getting updated every time. They have made the app with the priority of user’s security and privacy that’s why the application is a useable application unlike others of its types.

About the Alooytv APK

The Alooytv APK is a news and magazine provider with more than four thousand users. The application has emerged to be one of rarest of its types and has become quite more popular than before. The current version the application is serving is 1.0 which was released back then in 2017. According to the application giant, Google play store, the application has been downloaded more than four thousand times and has currently rating of 4.3 in it, which is average review of the total 46 reviews. The application is currently giving the users its 1.0 version to use. This is the most recent and best optimized version.

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The application is free and easily downloadable which, despite its valuable services, does not pay a penny to users. The application also does not require any kind of log in or registration to get in rather use it as per your convenience whenever you get in a mood to do so. You can download it from the Google play store and also by any other source like APK like this. The application is so much easy to use and has valuable use as it makes you get in touch with the world with no real costs or rather free of cost, which is so rare these days. The developers, Alooytv, has made it clear that the most top list of priority of the application is the security of its users which is no more common in the given industry.

Features of the Alooytv APK

The Alooytv APK has fascinating features which make it an amazing application to use and has become so much a contagious when slowly people understanding the application. The following are the prominent features of the application;

  • Safe and secure; lets put this in our article priority as the application developers put it in their priority. Unlike many others of its type in the industry the Alooytv APK is giving its full priority to the safety and security of the users, that’s the reason the application is free of registration and log in.
  • Easy to use; the fronts are user friendly and has very easy prompts to use for its users. It has clear and easy instruction to go through and use it.
  • Compatibility with the device; the application is user friendly and also compatible with your software and hardware.
  • No need of any registration and log in; the application is free of any kind of log in that could require your info.
  • Free to use; the application is free to use and has so much to it for free.


As mentioned the application has top priority for your safety and security, due to which it is not asking you to register yourself in it and you, can use it by just opening it after you download it. The application would be source of amaze for you, check out yourself.

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