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Amazing Frog APK

Amazing Frog APK v1.0 (Latest Version) – Free Download

Gamessoft Ltd

21 May 2023 (11 months ago)

App Name Amazing Frog APK
Latest Version v1.0
Last Updated 21 May 2023
Publisher Gamessoft Ltd
Requires Android 4.4 and up
0/5 Rating (0)

The original and exciting mayhem game is popularly known as the amazing frog game. It is the superhero who is called the amazing frog. This game is more common and famous in Swindon and United Kingdom. If you are from any other region than these and their vicinity, then there are chances that you might be unfamiliar with this game but after downloading it from here you will surely love playing it and also will suggest the game to your friends who love games in this genre. The amazing frog is regarded as a superhero in Swindon where it originated. 

About Amazing Frog APK

Amazing Frog APK features a frog as the protagonist of the game. It runs around the city and does entertaining things like driving vehicles ranging from light to heavy vehicles. Moreover, it goes to gyms and does exercises for its amusement and also rides on different bikes. It also flies jets and helicopters throughout the city. The amazing frog does criminal activities in Swindon and not just it but there are other creatures as well who indulge in such unethical activities in the city. When the frog dives into the sea, there exists the danger of the giant shark which is waiting for anything that tries to dive into the sea. 

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You can carry out stunning activities in the whole city like fighting cannons and much more. You can customize the frog’s appearance and dress him up however you like. If you want to buy stuff through in-app purchases then you will have to watch more and more ads and collect as many coins as you can so that you could make enough money for buying various stuff. You can play the game in the multi-player mode and compete with many opponents online by adding them to your server or joining the server that they have created. Moreover, you are also able to play in a different gameplay. You can download the original game and also its mod version from our site. The Mod version lets you enjoy all the features without having to watch ads for collecting coins and buying different stuff. 

Features of Amazing Frog APK

  • Graphics 

The graphics are pleasing and alluring. The 3D graphics fascinated the users the most and because of that, they choose this game for their leisure time. Everything in the game looks real and you do not feel like you are playing a light-weighted game which is also saving your memory and giving you the best gaming experience. 

  • Free to play

You are free to play the game until you wish to buy different stuff in the game through in-app purchases. The feature lets you enjoy all the action without paying anything at all. 

  • Updates

You will be getting the latest news about feature updates and also when a new version comes. You will be able to download all the updated versions from the link that you are seeing on this site right now. It is the download link and by clicking it you can easily start the process right now. 

  • Interface 

The interface is creative and easy to use. It is user-friendly making it possible for all users to play the game without facing any problems. It makes it possible for the users to navigate through the app and enjoy all the features. 


Amazing Frog APK is a game that introduces a superhero that is a frog. People in the UK admire this superhero and love to play this game. Now, this great game is expanding its horizons to other regions as well. To know how this game is so popular in the UK and its vicinity and to know about all the features that you will be getting, you need to click on the download link and give it a try once. 

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