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Animash Mod APK

Animash Mod APK v10.0 (Latest Version) Free Download

Abstract Software Inc.

30 June 2023 (11 months ago)

App Name Animash Mod APK
Latest Version v10.0
Last Updated 30 June 2023
Publisher Abstract Software Inc.
Requires Android 4.4 and up
0/5 Rating (0)

Animash Mod APK is an android animal game for kids. This game has unique algorithm and intriguing game plot along with eye catching graphics and different sound track. This game also serves as educational game for kids, as they can learn about different animals, their habitat, and their unique characteristics amidst enjoying their game time. One of its worth mentioning aspect is that it is fictional game. It has extensive collection of unique animals and multiple modes options that creates another layer of immersion to the overall gameplay. As players step into the realm of Animash Mod APK they will encounter many animals including jelly snout, bleat squid, Pig, dog, snail, horse, goat and many others.

On opening the main page of game numerous options will pop up. This game has simple and user friendly interface and understandable controls, allowing kids to enjoy it without any technical obstacle. Main essence of this game is creativity as players have to merge to animals and create a new one. Once they select the DAD and MOM for their desired outcome, they game will automatically rate their creativity and generate characteristics of resulting animals, with average life span, special powers, possible locations, preferred food, physical strength, speed, intelligence, beauty and mystical characteristics. Players can also save their creations to view later.

About Animash Mod APK

In today’s era parents always struggle to keep their kids busy in healthy and creative activities. Be it their digital entertainment or educational needs they always look for best options for their kid’s growth and wellbeing. With advent in technology many games are launched every now and then but not every game fulfill parent’s requirements. Recently Abstract Software developers have launched groundbreaking game for kids with educational aspects, entertainment, creativity, and fiction, animals, advanced AI integrated.

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In this mind blowing game players are given opportunity to merge two different creatures and with fusion creates unique creature. This game has simple yet interesting algorithm, keeping all kids hocked for hours without making them bored. Moreover this game has plethora of exciting features that keeps all players on the edge of their seats. Once players download this game, they will be directed to main page where they will see numerous animals and fish options to choose from.

More About the App

This game has extensive collection of all animals and fishes including shark, horse, squid, snail, Pig, duck, dog and many others. Not just animals it also gives options of many other things such as food items. Main element of this game is creativity. The more creatively you merge animal, rarer rating it will get. To start with this captivating game player selects Dad from given options and Mom, once they do so, their resulting creature will pop up in fraction of time. The game’s integrated AI will automatically rate the resulting creature and predict its possible characteristics, powers, strengthens, appearance, physical abilities, habitat, and many other things related to it. The resulting specie will be give name depending upon dad and mom name as well as it will be rate from normal to ultra-rare and AI will also grade their characteristics from F to A.

Furthermore, players can also save their creation to get quick access later. This game is aesthetically pleasing to eyes and has soft and pastel graphics suiting all children. Moreover it has engaging soundtrack that will attract players towards it. In this game majestic results occur when fiction meets creativity powered by artificial intelligence. So, stop worrying about your kid’s entertainment needs and download this game right away for them to explore realm of diverse animals and creatures.

Features of Animash Mod APK

Smooth interface

Animash Mod APK features smooth and user friendly interface, making it accessible for all kids. It does not demand kids to have technical knowledge and other unnecessary information to enjoy this game. This aspect makes it apple of eye for kids and that’s why since its release it is breaking all the records

Unleash your creativity

Kids always want to explore and know more about things around them this game is perfect way to engage them and educate them about fusion, and hybridization of two different creatures to create unique specie having characteristics of both parents. They can unleash their creativity by creating rare creatures and learn about their characteristics.

Unusual creation

Animash Mod APK has gained immense popularity because of its fictional fusion of two creatures to create unusual and unique result. When players fused eagle with lion they can create a new specie having characteristics of both eagle and lion, their resulting specie will have physical strengths like lions, and flying abilities like eagles. By doing do they can create best of both worlds.

Regular addition of new animals

After every 3 hours new animal is added in the extensive list giving unlimited options to players to select from.

More Features of the App

Powers and characteristics

Upon fusing two distinct animals players can also learn about their possible characteristics, their physical appearance, strengths, powers, habitat, life span, speed and many others.

Unique food creation

Alongside animal fusion, players can also fuse different food items, wither with animals or with each other to create new dish. Once they fuse two dished a unique dish appears with its characteristics including its utility, value, common usage, location and many others. For instance, if players mix ice with burger a new frostburger will be created that will have physical appearance resembling to both burger and ice

Fusion with picture

One of the interesting aspects of this game is that each result of each fusion appears with graphical representation and written characteristics. This helps players to better understand hybridization and fusion.


Animash Mod APK is a unique fusion game based on fiction and integrated with artificial intelligence. This game has unique and interesting gameplay that engage kids and entertain them. In this game players play with fusion and merge different animals and food items together to create a new unique specie having unique physical appearance and characteristics. They unleash their creativity and enjoy playing with different creatures to generate rare creatures. Although they are given extensive options of animals and food items, new options are also added after every 3 hours. Moreover this game has simple controls, mesmerizing sound track and soft graphics appropriate for kids. So, download this game now and enjoy fusion of creativity and artificial intelligence.

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