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Arm Wrestling Clicker Mod APK

Arm Wrestling Clicker Mod APK v1.2.9 – Download for Free


4 February 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name Arm Wrestling Clicker Mod APK
Latest Version v1.2.9
Last Updated 4 February 2023
Publisher fffungame
Requires Android 4.4 and up
2.3/5 Rating (3)

Arm Wrestling Clicker Mod APK requires no tutorials or instructions. As the controls are so simple that anyone can learn to use them quickly. The app features a very user-friendly interface with intuitive swipes and taps. That making it easy and fun to jump right into the arm wrestling matches with other players. Plus there is a helpful help menu in the setting screen. Which will give you useful instructions and tips if you really need it.

Furthermore, the graphics of Arm Wrestling Clicker are impressive, featuring colorful 3D characters. That add an extra layer of entertainment to the game. The animations have a realistic feel to them, creating tensions during every match. You might even catch yourself getting caught up in the intensity of your opponent’s grip strength. In addition, there are multiple camera angles used for each match. So you can get closer to the action for added excitement levels.

To make things more interesting in Arm Wrestling Clicker Mod. There are a variety of opponents you can challenge from easy to advanced ones. From the hands-on newbie all the way up to experienced veterans who only care about winning at all costs! And just when you think you’ve conquered everyone else out there. Surprise bonus opponents pop up after each stage giving you additional challenges on top of what was expected.

About Arm Wrestling Clicker Mod APK

Arm Wrestling Clicker Mod supports many languages. Such as English, Portuguese, Spanish and more, allowing people from all over the world. So they join in on this exciting game without any problems. This way everyone can simply select their own language preference and then start smashing its opponents’ arms off like clockwork. It’s definitely an awesome experience no matter where someone is from,. Be it United States, Brazil or Japan – now anybody can play this game from anywhere anytime they want.

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It includes tournaments around the world where players get matched up against unknown players for a chance at some sweet prize money. Here players compete their brains out for fame and glory in thrilling competition where strength reigns supreme, it’s definitely not for weaklings. There are also rankings so that each player competing knows where he stands amongst his peers, those going strong will be ranked higher among others but only if they prove their worth through various matches will they be able stay on top.

What makes this app even more enjoyable is that it never gets boring with endless levels and challenges waiting around every corner! Such great difficulty allows regular arm wrestlers to stay engaged while newcomers discover how addicting it really is because no two matches ever feel alike due to wide variety of opponents having different skillsets, equally challenging any player regardless of their previous matches won or lost record or rankings among peers.             

Features of the Arm Wrestling Clicker Mod APK

  1. Intuitive Controls:

The app has intuitive and easy to learn controls that allow you to quickly pick up arm wrestling matches and become a master of the sport. All you have to do is tap on the opponent and block their attacks, as well as respond with accurate punches.

  • Four Difficulty Levels:

It allows players to choose between four different difficulty levels, giving players the ability to adjust the game based on their skill level. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert arm wrestler, there’s sure to be a difficulty setting right for you!

  • Unlockable Equipment:

As you progress through Arm Wrestling app, you will unlock new pieces of equipment such as gloves, elbow guards, and wrist supports that can further improve your performance while also making it look stylish.

  • Unique Opponents:

A variety of unique opponents litter individual tournaments in the app all with their own fighting styles and techniques meaning no two fights are quite the same! This adds diversity and excellent replay value to each tournament so even playing multiple times doesn’t feel stale or repetitive.

  • Daily Bonus Quests:

Every day in the application presents players with special bonus quests that give rewards when completed ranging from XP points all the way up to valuable items usually not found within regular tournament play. So stay sharp and keep competing if you want those bonus rewards.

  • Comprehensive Stats System:

Players can check out detailed statistics after every fight including information such as time spent in battle, win streaks achieved, average punch accuracy rate per opponent fought and much more giving great insight into both your short term performance as well immediate goals for improvement before encounters with foes later on in the game world.


Finally never forget that beating opponents across the many tournaments found within Arm Wrestling Clicker will award achievements which can be browsed amongst other challengers on global leaderboard rankings. So compete against everyone around you today secure those top spots.

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