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Blokada 5 APK v23.1.10 (Latest Version) – Free Download


3 March 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name Blokada 5 APK
Latest Version v23.1.10
Last Updated 3 March 2023
Publisher Blokada
Requires Android 4.4 and up
0/5 Rating (0)

If you are a frequent user of web services and work on the internet more than two hours a day and still have not installed an ad blocker or a VPN, then you are at a huge risk. To ensure that you have safe and secure browsing, you need to install an active ad blocker and a VPN. Blokada 5 APK provides you with both of these options in a single app. Looks interesting, doesn’t it? It is interesting because you do not often see an ad blocker providing services of a VPN as well but not anymore. After all, this time we are bringing you something that is going to be very useful for you. 

About Blokada 5 APK

In today’s world, having something that helps you stay safe is a blessing whether it is online or offline. The Blokada 5 APK makes sure that the devices on which it is running stay safe from all kinds of data breaches and malicious stuff on the internet.

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There is an optional feature of a VPN that does a wonderful job when it comes to enabling you to have a virtual location. With this app, you will be able to block all unwanted ads when you visit a website. When we use the internet and visit certain websites, we encounter so many ads that we do not expect to appear and the only thing they do is waste our precious time and efforts. To minimize that time loss and save you from malicious links that some of these ads contain which create unprecedented threats to your safety online when clicked, we have brought to you this product. 

The Blokada 5 APK brings great utility, especially for those who use the internet most frequently because they are the ones who get most bothered by the ads and other stuff, and in this segment of users, many people have experienced online fraud or a scam through this ad links because the people who create these links are expert at scamming innocent users who sometimes just click on those links to see what is on the other side of the ad banner. 

Features of Blokada 5 APK

  • Ad blocker 

There are many ad blockers and you might have tried using many of them but this one has some old features that have been improved in this version and also it has a bunch of new features which makes this something to go for if you are looking for an ad blocker. 

  • VPN

The platform is providing you with a VPN as well. The VPN is used for hiding your exact location from different apps so that you can find excess content that is unavailable in your country. 

  • Speed 

Both the speed of the ad blocker and VPN are wonderful. You want the app speed to be according to what you expect but we are sure that this app will surprise you with the speed and it will be more than what you can expect from such an app. 

  • Free of cost 

There is hardly any app that is providing users with both these features and not asking for money. But when you have this package on your device you can use it as much as you want. 

  • Data saving 

You can save a lot of data with this platform. The app loads the page faster and saves data. 


Do not get yourself stuck in the hands of any scammers and download this app now so that you get timely aid before having to face anything unexpected. Blokada 5 APK comes with wonderful features like data saving, a free and optional VPN, faster speed, and many more. Download this app now by clicking on the link. 

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