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Bloodstrike APK v1.001.530045 (Latest Version) – Free Download

NetEase Games

11 March 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name Bloodstrike APK
Latest Version v1.001.530045
Last Updated 11 March 2023
Publisher NetEase Games
Requires Android 4.4 and up
0/5 Rating (0)

The Bloodstrike APK is a recent launched fast paced FPS game that befits the hardware and software of your mobile. It checks your nerves with engaging you with frantic battles coping with internal players globally. The game has simple objective as like traditional games that you have to knock out all of your opponents to get victory. The powerful weapons provided make the game adventurous and wise one out of you when you use them properly. Along with weapons you can also use and utilize the prevailed environment to your advantage and take down your enemies.

Along the journey of playing the game you can produce some privilege of treasure that you can use to update and upgrade you weapons so you could have the best out of the game. These up gradations also help you to get at the top of pro players and kill your enemies with so much of ease.

The games of FPS are so much easy and that’s the reason its excitement has dissipated down. But Bloodstrike give you a challenging FPS game which enables you to live your best while playing.  

About Bloodstrike APK

The Bloodstrike gives you one of the most highly intensive gaming sessions. The most fascinating part of it is that The Bloodstrike APK has so much fast paced and dynamic gameplay. The application contains variety of maps with a unique layout and challenges. You have to check the map and find out where your enemy is you have to tail him out and kill him before he gets to you.

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Also the map has some places that have hidden treasure, possession of which enhances your gameplay and you have to find them before someone else or your enemy finds them out.

Features of Bloodstrike APK

The Bloodstrike is a so much featuristic app that provides various features that fascinate the users to use them. The game provides you with the option to regenerate some of the existing weapons or you have to update them by editing through the game editor. This feature adds a lot depth and possible creativity to the players and makes us update the weapon by our own requirement and artistic choice.

Bloodstrike APK also offers a lot of gear options that enable you to opt for one of the most advanced guns. I.e.

  • You have the option to vary the range of bullet and which is, off course, so helpful in killing very distant and as well as very near ones or enemies.
  • You can decrease or increase the barrel length which ensures the speed or velocity of your bullets that how fast or slow you want your bullet to travel.

Bloodstrike APK also has the feature of upgrading on multiple platforms that enables you to a fair and good gameplay. You can update the outfits of your game player which comes with their own benefits. You can have a complete amazing and fascinating play styles for the player. Bloodstrike APK also has the feature to repawn on the same time and same location when someone kills you and even you can take good revenge of your death from them. Furthermore, the app has almost infinite features but required are discussed and some less required are that they contain roguelike elements which updates player challenges to get the game remain as challenging. 3D graphics, amazing and good sound system, simple controls are some of the general type of the features.


The overall, could be explained like the Bloodstrike APK is an amazingly challenging FPS game that intrigues players by challenging ascending to a tough part where its interestingly becomes playable game. It contains some best features as mentioned and has the capability to have fun time with.

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