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Brainly APK v5.133.0 (Latest Version) – Free Download


18 March 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name Brainly APK
Latest Version v5.133.0
Last Updated 18 March 2023
Publisher Brainly
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Category Education
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We have many applications today that are offering many services like gaming, movies, social media and many other applications. But what about education, there are very less applications that regards with student helping. You open google play store and you will find nothing on student helping apps. So all students are confused and worried, asking what to do with their complex homework. If there is no help in education, then what about the homework and assignments. But now you don’t have to worry about anything regarding homework because we have an app that is ruling student world, download Brainly APK free in your phones right now!

About Brainly APK

Good news for the students, Brainly is the application launched by, is the application that giving biggest platform to the students to get help in their homework. Before it, there were literally very few apps that actually helped students in their assignments. Brainly is offering you best of the peers and experts that will help you achieving excellence in your home tasks that are assigned by your professors. You will always have support of these experts, just enter the question in which you are having problems, they will solve it in literally no time.

Moreover, not just that but Brainly is also educating application too, even if you don’t have any homework and don’t need any help, you can still use the Brainly for getting more and more knowledge. You can also watch the most searched questions on Brainly, whenever you open the app, the questions that are discussed most will be displayed and the best part is you can also participate in answering the question.

Variety of the answers of your questions is another feature that is making the application quite unique. Brainly will never assign you only one expert for the solution but you will get the variety of answers from experts that belong to all over the world. Brainly is also giving you the best options of your interest means that even a free time can be utilized by Brainly. The application is all free and there is nothing to pay for you to perform your homework. The interface is something more than friendly, so don’t wait and download the application.

Features of Brainy APK

  • Best Homework platform:

Brainly APK Free Download is an app that provide people with the greatest platform for homework assistance. There were relatively few apps that truly helped kids with their homework before it.

  • Best Experts:

Brainly provides you with the best of peers and professionals. That will assist you in reaching greatness in your professor-assigned home chores. You will always have the support of these specialists. Simply enter the problem you are facing, and they will solve it in a matter of seconds.

  • Knowledgeable App:

Not only that, but Brainly is also an educational app. Even if you don’t have any homework or require any assistance, you may still use Brainly to get more knowledge.

  • Participating in Answers:

On Brainly, you can also view the most frequently asked questions; anytime you open the app. The most frequently asked questions will be presented. The greatest part is that you can also contribute in answering the question.

  • Variety of Answers:

Another element that distinguishes the app is the variety of responses to your questions. Brainly will never assign you to a single expert for a solution. Instead, you will receive a selection of responses from experts from all over the world.


At Conclusion, Students should rejoice! We are aware that there are very few applications that deal with student assistance. When you go to the Google Play Store, there are no apps for student assistance. As a result, all students are perplexed and concerned, unsure what to do with their difficult schoolwork. But now you don’t have to be concerned. because we have an app that is sweeping the student globe; download Brainly APK right now!

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