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Bulma 3H

9 February 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name Bulma 3H APK
Latest Version v1.0
Last Updated 9 February 2023
Publisher Bulma 3H
Requires Android 4.4 and up
3.8/5 Rating (30)

Bulma 3H APK is a single player adventure game in which you can play as some of the most popular characters from the Dragon Ball series, such as Gohan and Vegeta. You’ll also be able to choose new faces, like Tora and Akina.

The game features thrilling combat scenarios with a mix of real-time action and tactical elements that you’ll need to succeed against your opponents. With an array of combos and special moves at your disposal, use quick reflexes and acrobatic evasive maneuvers to outsmart your enemies on the battlefield.

Explore multiple exciting stories as you progress through Bulma 3H app’s story mode. Learn about each character’s backstory by talking to NPCs while exploring various locations across dreams, timelines and alternate realities. Plus, there are plenty of secrets yet to discover.

About Bulma 3H APK

With Bulma 3H APK Players have plenty of options in terms of strategizing their approach to victory. Customize your loadout by equipping specific items that boast different stats for different stages of battles: attack items increase damage output, defense boosts resistances against combatants’ techniques, speed aids in dodging and healing increases survivability rate – among many others.

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Experience Bulma with improved graphics. Dive into the world with enriched HD visuals featuring dynamic shadows, high resolutions textures and lighting effects. From its vivid characters bursting with life on-screen to intense battels accompanied with gorgeous particle effects: grace your eyes with joy.

In addition to single player content that Bulma 3H brings in. There is local versus mode where players can battle head-to-head against friends or strangers alike via local wireless play across compatible devices (giving awesome gaming experience without being burdened by latency or online services). 

Features of Bulma 3H APK

  • Create Your Own Character:

Bulma 3H app allows you to create your own original characters and customize them as you wish. You can also choose from a variety of hairstyles, clothing and accessory options so that your character stands out.

  • Experience Different Dragon Ball Stories:

The game features many iconic stories from the popular anime series, each with their own unique approach to the game experience. From Bulma’s adventure in her time machine to Gohan’s journey of self-discovery and beyond, there is something for everyone in Bulma 3H application.

  • Take On Challenging Quests:

As you progress through the stories, a wide selection of main quests and mini-quests await you. Such missions will help train you’re newly created characters and reward them with special items that can be used throughout the game.

  • Expand Your Party Members:

As you explore the Far away regions of Dragon Ball. New allies join your party who share similar goals and dreams as yourself. These allies come in varying sizes and personalities, giving you plenty of diversity amongst your initiative team!

  • Uncover Hidden Secrets:

Explore forgotten places on Planet Namek or chance upon powerful artifacts hidden within Dr Gero’s lab in order to uncover clues about the mysteries that lurk beneath its surface.

  • Multi-player Support:

Engage in an epic fight against your friends via LAN network support where rewards are given accordingly after battle!

  • Collect and Upgrade Your Gear:

Customize your characters with all sorts of fancy Attack and Defense gears found during Quests or perhaps just bought at various stores throughout Goku World. And if it doesn’t cut it anymore, upgrade it for more power added into every hit.


Moreover, experience fun tasks while playing solo or up against other players by unlocking achievements hidden all around. If you are eager enough you’ll even find rare ones granting permanent rewards only available one time per account.

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