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Buom.TV APK v1.1 [Latest Version] Download For Android


18 April 2024 (3 months ago)

App Name Buom.TV APK
Latest Version v1.1
Last Updated 18 April 2024
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Category Social
Size 16 MB
2.8/5 Rating (5)

The Buom.TV APK offers several live video chat rooms where users can meet, talk, and mingle with people from all over the world. Each room has its own set of rules and moderators to ensure a safe environment for conversations. The app provides its users with gaming services in addition to the live video chat rooms. The platform offers a variety of games that users can play with strangers or others.

The Buom.TV app is available for download across multiple platforms including iOS, Android and Web browsers. This makes the application accessible to anyone from any device anytime, anywhere. One of the most impressive features of this application are it’s exclusive features such as audio and video filters. These are the features that further enhance user experience. Additionally it also supports up to 4-way video calls so you can chat with anyone simultaneously.

About Buom.TV APK

Most importantly, Buom.TV APK recognizes safety and security are paramount when it comes to streaming content over the web. That is the unique feature which is why they offer stringent protocols to ensure your information stays secure.

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Further customizations include changing themes and backgrounds such as in your profile page. That is allowing you create a unique avatar that helps identify you with others members in their circle.

Features of Buom.TV APK:

  • Live viewing:

The app offers entertaining live streaming content for viewing, which can be enjoyed directly from the app. The wide selection of content ranges from comedies, music shows and news to sports, movies and much more. This way users can easily tune in to their favorite shows and stay entertained during their leisure time activities.

  • Interactive chats:

Buom.TV application also features interactive chats where users can meet strangers from all over the world. Through these unique conversations users can learn about different cultures. Moreover, you can make new friends. All the friends may have never met before in real life. These friendly discussions are sure to give a fillip to user’s knowledge base and broaden their horizon with respect to culture, language.

  • Voice messages:

Along with live video streaming technology, It also enables users to send voice messages over the chat platforms with ease. It allows them to communicate more expressively as compared to regular texting in such diverse conversations.

  • Multiplayer gaming options:

Apart from its engaging online gameplays, Buom also provides some incredibly exciting multiplayer gaming experiences for its numerous users worldwide. Whether it is chess, poker or any other popular war strategy games like Clash of Clans or Counter-Strike or sudoku stations; this app has got it all covered under one roof.

More Features Of The App

  • Limited data usage:

If a user wants to save on data while they explore the contents of the application then they can activate ‘data saving mode’. That would limit internet usage and offer an optimized experience even when internet speeds drop drastically. This applies even for longer HD videos that are being streamed at home so that audiences don’t experience any buffering and enjoy all that. 

  • Connectivity options between devices:

Keeping up with its wireless revolution trend, this application allows functionality across multiple devices at once? Yes that’s correct; through its secure wi-fi sharing option. Multiple devices can be hooked up instantaneously as well as securely share files without any hiccups between them. Remember that is done at large thereby making entertainment solutions easy.  

  • Customized themes or avatars:

Another exciting feature of Buom would be its dynamic customized avatar and theme customization options set within it. That is giving enthusiastic viewers every opportunity possible to showcase their creative flair through continuous interaction perspectives upon forum investment. This simply brings out the dazzle in this entire technological advancement while allowing audiences of all ages believe in possibilities indulging themselves into couplets of diversified magical worlds.


Last but not least, another great point about buom app is that it offers is the fact that it is completely free to use and no subscription fees. That is enabling and letting users enjoy endless hours of fun and entertainment online without worrying about extra charges.

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