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Cargo Simulator 2021 Türkiye APK

Cargo Simulator 2021 Türkiye APK v1.17 (Latest Version)


13 March 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name Cargo Simulator 2021 Türkiye APK
Latest Version v1.17
Last Updated 13 March 2023
Publisher smSoft
Requires Android 4.4 and up
4/5 Rating (1)

In the world full of online battle games, it is so difficult to make a game that is totally different and have completely different attributes. There are many car games on play store right now, probably more than thousand. But they all have some problem like not so much user friendly, ads in the game, confusing features. we know how difficult it is to find an android game that is close to reality and gives it users, complete satisfaction, joy and little competition to stick with the game. Don’t go anywhere because we have a game that will literally change your stance on car games, download Cargo Simulator 2021 Türkiye APK in your androids right now.

About Cargo Simulator 2021 APK

The game is basically a truck driving game. And it is also first trucking game on the internet and also the finest game out there. The origin of the game is Turkey. By Origin we mean, every quality game has maps in it. so Cargo simulator 2021 has the map of Turkey in it. you travel in different cities of turkey to undergo missions. That’s why it is close to reality. It has real map of cities. Plus, you can have variety of trucks in the game. But just don’t damage the truck in the ways. You will have jobs in different cities on workshops.

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Its friendly-user interface is one of the best feature and appreciated by hundreds of gamers. Everything is so simple and clear in it. the game has so much advanced graphics that it has many other features like if you want to buy a truck then just stop at any showroom, buy yourself a truck in your budget. You can also buy truck engine and truck trailers. As we mentioned that you will have jobs to perform in the game and these jobs aren’t difficult but needs full focus because it can be fuel job, food or any other chemical job. So make sure to perform it by full heart.

Features Cargo Simulator 2021 APK

  • Cargo Simulator 2021 is Realistic:

Yes, there is no doubt in that. Cargo Simulator 2021 is one of the few games that is based on true characteristics of real life maps. It has close to real map of Turkey in it.

  • Advanced Graphics:

This game is graphical masterpiece. Developers have designed it with no flaws and mistakes. Just download it and start your journey.

  • Buying Variety of Trucks:

Once you are in the game, you will come to know about different features. you can also buy new trucks for your services and upgrade your performance.

  • Compatibility:

It is compatible on almost all of the android operating systems. But if you have Android higher than 4.4 then it will be great and not going to affect your phone.

  • Cargo Simulator 2021 is Free:

Yes, you read it right. It is totally free. Not even a single penny will be charged from you.


Cargo Simulator 2021 is the game that is especially made for those gamers who have interest in checking their driving skills and little bit of interest at the same time. the map used in it is original map of Turkey. You will different jobs in all over the country. Just make sure that you don’t damage the truck. So don’t wait and download this legendary truck game!

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