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Carnage wars APK v2.5 (Latest Version) – Free Download

Zic Zac

11 July 2023 (11 months ago)

App Name Carnage wars APK
Latest Version v2.5
Last Updated 11 July 2023
Publisher Zic Zac
Requires Android 4.4 and up
2/5 Rating (3)

The Carnage wars APK is an adventure of yours as a shooter the application challenges you to have the best shooting by killing and snapping the best of your adversaries. The game looks real when you open it and look at the quality of graphics along with the quality of the animations. The developers have made the application to give you the exact feeling of being in a real life where you are fighting as a shooter whose reputation will be built by you.  It is now you if you are the pro shooter and its again you who will defame the player by being not so good.

We have a inborn desire to be shooters where it has descended from the ancient ancestors of ours. The traditions will never die for a reason we don’t really know because the oldest of the traditions that we have carried along to this era is the adoration for a perfect shooting skill. This skill was appreciated by the old people who used to be nomad and for living they had to kill with their shooting skills. Still the adoration for a perfect shooter exist. To not end this vibe and keep this old tradition of human kind we bring you the Carnage wars APK to go for shooting, though for a new and different purpose.

About the Carnage wars APK

The Carnage wars APK is a shooting game that Zic Zac developers and it challenges you to showcase the strength of your shooting skills to give a tough time to your adversaries. You must bear in mind that the enemies you will fight against will be highly competitive and possibly they can kill you with one shot. The graphics of the game are of next level of quality and the animation developed are one of the best I have ever seen in my entire life. The quality of these features make me think of the game a real time game that I am playing in real life.

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 There is not only solo mode to play the game but with the feature of playing with multiplayer makes it so much of fascination and interesting for people all around the world who love shooting game. In this way you can show case your skills in a competitive game where you will have to be so much reflexive in decision making and also at action. If you love playing solo than again this application is best for you because the AI will give you enough tough time with ascending to next levels.

The game provides you with a real time battle environment that causes you to be super excited for the game as along with that the application challenges you in a way that you will not be able to resist its attacks. The variety of guns and weapons is another feature that you will love the game for because there are some imaginary and unprecedented weapons that can be used.

Features of the Carnage Wars APK

These thrilling features of the Carnage Wars are super prominent ones;

  • The unconventional power ups and upgrades
  • Varies and numerous weapons; the application contains, as mentioned, a lot of variety of weapons that boost the quality of your gameplay.
  • Locations and layout; the application has some so much unique and thrilling locations that create a super natural environment for the game. The layouts and the designs the developer has used are of next level.
  • Single and double mode; you have the option to choose from the two options of single mode and double mode the application has the option of playing with multiple players. 
  • 3D graphics and so on.


As the article describes, the application is a next level shooting game that challenges you to play with it and also to anyone as it has the option of multiplayers. You can check out whether you are a perfect shooter or not by playing the game in solo and also in multi-player mode.

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