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Carrion Game Mobile APK

Carrion Game Mobile APK v1.0.5.589 (Latest Version) – Download

Fauji smile

26 April 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name Carrion Game Mobile APK
Latest Version v1.0.5.589
Last Updated 26 April 2023
Publisher Fauji smile
Requires Android 4.4 and up
3.2/5 Rating (10)

Carrion Game Mobile APK is a horror video game that aims to fulfill the expectations of users who love horror games. This category does not have too many games as the industry is more focused on war games and action games but despite that you will come across some gems that you will love playing or spending your time on. This game has been successful in gaining enough popularity without too many efforts by the developers as the game offers high quality content which has made people download it on their devices in huge numbers and also run a word of mouth campaign for this game.

About Carrion Game Mobile APK

There are some features that make Carrion Game Mobile APK different from the rest and the first and most important feature in this series is the graphics itself. We all are aware of the fact that the graphics are the basic pillars of every game. Without outstanding graphics, no game can survive in today’s highly competitive environment. After downloading this game, you will be able to dive into a world of stunning graphics and visualizations. The visual effects when a bomb explodes or weapon shot will make you feel the fear of a real life explosion because the sound effects are awesome.

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Carrion Game Mobile APK challenges you with difficult challenges and competitive enemy who possess powerful weapons that can take a whole city down if they decide to do that someday. These people have been arresting random people and putting them in jails for nothing. Their atrocities have reached to the peak level and now you have finally decided to teach them a lesson because if they keep doing what they are doing right now then everything will become a mess someday soon.

Features of Carrion Game Mobile APK:

  1. Horror category

If you like playing video games that fall in this category then this is something you are going to love playing so treat yourself with this wonderful game just by hitting the download option now.

2. Graphics

High quality and proficient graphics that work in small devices as well, this way a wider range of audience can get the access to this game and it helps in broadening the number of gaming community.

3. Online playing

Both online and offline modes are available for the users to adopt as some players do not find it suitable to go online and play with people from other nations if you are one of them then you can play it offline as well.

4. Storyline

The protagonist is trapped in a prison cell in the most famous jail on the city. Now, the guy has to escape from their trap by adopting different tactics to save himself from getting killed by them.

5. Tactics

Knowing your plan is very important for such games, their are certain stuff that help you scare away your enemy so that you could make the way to save yourself by escaping from them.


Carrion Game Mobile APK is a new and much famous horror game that is being widely played by the global video game audience. The game comes with outstanding graphics like no one has ever seen before as its graphics have been much improved. You will see many other differences as well like precise controls because in games where you have to use the weapons a lot you need precision when firing. Download it to know more about the game.

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