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Clash Mini APK v1.1898.2 (Latest Version) – Free Download


27 March 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name Clash Mini APK
Latest Version v1.1898.2
Last Updated 27 March 2023
Publisher Supercell
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Category Strategy
0/5 Rating (0)

Are you a passionate player of the Clash Games? Yes, everybody loves the Clash games. The Clash of Titans and Clash of Clans are among the best and worldwide famous games. These games are strategy-based games where you have to prepare and train your army and make their battles with other clans and opponents. In the vast areas, you can have various options. You would be responsible for raising an army, managing the resources, and attacking the other territories to gain valuable resource’s for your survival. Do you want to play a newly released game in the Clash Universe family, then download Clash mini APK right now!

About Clash Mini APK

Clash mini APK Is the latest and new addition game to the Clash Universe. Clash Mini is a new card auto card-based auto battler game. The game is developed by Supercell which has also developed Clash of Clans and Clash of Royales also. The Clash Mini is an auto-battler, which means that it’s like other games that you played like Hearthstone, Teamfight, TeamFight Tactics or Dota Underlords, and AutoChess. The game features all your favorite characters from the Clash of Clans. Clash Mini is a strategic board game set in the Clash universe that might seem similar to Clash Royale at a first glance. During the games Players compete against each other using miniatures placed on the board at the same time, starting combat automatically.


Inside the gaming arena, you have the option of building your team and making strategies and plans to counter your opponents. In the game, you can collect your army minis in the game. Then you can summon and upgrade your armies in the real-time auto battler. Now, with the predications of your opponent’s moves, you have to assemble your winning formations and teams. Thus it’s up to the player how they manage the whole players while playing the game. There are many heroes which you can use in the game as your favorite heroes like Barbarian King, Sheild Maiden, Archer Queen, and many more.

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In addition, another great feature is that every each game of the Clash Mini is full of actions and adventures. There are many types of battles that are under 5 minutes, so that provides you with instant action and battles for you. After deciding your moves you can watch the action and attack of your minis in a very unique style. From very different camera angles you can experience your minis attacks and successes.

Features of Clash Mini APK

  • Best Battle Board Game

The game is the latest addition to the Clash Universe. The game is simple gameplay where you have to play a battle with the opponents aboard. You can choose your favorite heroes and can have the full customizations control as well.

  • Customize your Heroes

Having the power of Customization is the best feature. Now, you can fully customize your heroes according to your own desire and need. Now upgrades to the Iconic Clash Heroes such as Barbarian King, Archer Queen, and Shield Maiden in your game.

  • Quick Battles

This is the new feature of Clash Universe games. Now, enjoys the outcome of the game in five minutes. Now, don’t wait for hours to have a battle with your enemies.

  • Level Up

In the game, if you progress to each level you can have a different experience in each level with unique prizes and abilities? The goal of your is to get to the Global league top lists


The most awaited Clash Family game is here. The game has very unique features which are not in the other clash games. With quick battles and full customizations options of your heroes, it’s worth experiencing the game. You don’t need to go anywhere to download it. Clash Mini is ready to download right now!

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