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Codename Jump APK v0.70.0 (Latest Version) Free Download


3 June 2023 (12 months ago)

App Name Codename Jump APK
Latest Version v0.70.0
Last Updated 3 June 2023
Publisher Mobage
Requires Android 4.4 and up
0/5 Rating (0)

Introducing Codename Jump APK a Epicc Animes MOBA Adventurous game Embarkings in an adrenaline pumps journey in the vibrants worlds of Codename Jump. This exhilarates 2D animes multi player MOBA are packed with fiercings combats an immersive storylines and beloves characters of the Dragon Ball series. With a diverse rosters of hot blood anime protagonis to choose from youll un lock and navigating your favorite characters off a vast open world. Prepare for fast pace action battling engagings duels and a complex narratives fillings with twists and turnings.

About the Codename Jump APK:

In Codename Jump APK players are tasked off a navigatings who dynamics 3D platform levelings put their reflexes and agilities to the testing. The objective is to completes each on course in the fast timing possibles. To over come the challenges players can utilizing special ability likes wall jumpings and double jumps allowings them to avoids or destroying various obstacles such on pits enemy robots and rotates platforms.

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The latest version Android v0 700 bringings minor bugs fixed and improves enhances the overall game play experience. Make sure it on installing or updates to the new versions of enjoy the latest features and optimizings. Thanking you for your interests in Codename Jump APK a epics anime MOBA adventuring which will ignites you passioning for intenses combat engaging story telling and unforgetted duels. As players is progressings through the levels they can collects energy boostings and coins scatter through out. These resources can being used to purchase upgrades of there characters abilities enhances theirs performance and un lockings new game play options.

Please note that an Codename Jump APK is currently accessibles only in China but the developers is actives of works on expands its availabilities. The global launchings date has to yet to be announce. So fans of Dragon Ball and MOBA games worlds wide will has to awaits a little long of the opportunity to delves into this thrillings adventures.

Features of Codename Jump APK:

Stay tuned for further updatings of the global releasings and getting readies to un leash your inner hot blooded heroes on the world of Codename Jump APK.

Hot blooded Cartoons Characters:

Diving in to the richs roster of Codename Jump APK and unlocks iconic characters like Goku and others jumping protagons. Each on character boastings uniques skills and ability. Allowing you to unleash full potentials of you exploring the expansive map interactions with NPCs and unravel the deep storylines.

Epic Duels for Fun:

f youre cravings intense oneonone battles the duels modes is perfects for you and yours. Challengings random online players in the black duels modings or inviting your friends to engages in thrills and competiete fights.

Fast paced Action Gameplay:

Experiences lightning fast combats who caters to yours needs on quick actionings. Choose your favourite animes characters and taking controls of their avatars in epic battles which un folds within minutes. Braces yourself for heart pounds encounters which requires swift reflexes and strategical decision makings.

Twists and Turns:

Immersing yourself in the intricacs of Codename Jump APK storylines. With multiples optionings and branchs pathing your decisions holds significants weights leads to different outcome. Navigates an treacherous narratives landscape and uncoverings surprisinglies revelations on the way.

Engaging Platform Levels:

Traversings of dynamic 3D platforms levels that will puts you reflex and agilities to the test. Utilizings special abilities like wall jumpings and double jumps to overcome various obstacles includes pit enemy robots and rotates platforms.


Patience will been rewards to with a immersives and exhilaratings gaming experience. Codename Jump APK enthusiast of the world can being eage on anticipates the forth comings international releases.

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