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Collect Em All APK v1.0.2 [Latest] Download For Android

CardTech Inc

9 September 2023 (10 months ago)

App Name Collect Em All APK
Latest Version v1.0.2
Last Updated 9 September 2023
Publisher CardTech Inc
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Size 14.15 MB
0/5 Rating (0)

Collect Em All APK has a simple game that everyone can play in their leisure time. Rejoice the time when there was nothing to care for and the only thing, we used to think about is finding a peaceful spot so that we could have some quality time with our pals. So, this game brings you the easiest way of keeping yourself busy and occupied all the time so that you are not left with any time to think about unnecessary stuff or consume negativity from social media.

About Collect Em All APK

Collect Em All APK has a huge variety of cards that come with unique characteristics and abilities. This thing will keep players engaged in a friendly environment of making strong strategies for overcoming the plans which opponents have in mind against them. The game requires players to have a strong grip on the concept of messing around with cards and giving your opposition a tough time. We are aware of loot boxes which add extra thrill and excitement to the game of cards. The loot boxes contain powerful cards that provide you with an edge to lead your opponent and increase your chances of winning the game. This marginal benefit that you gain from the loot boxes is going to get you to the shore because sometimes luck does not remain on your side so that is when these boxes come into play with their magic.

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Furthermore, Collect Em All APK gives players full liberty over what they want to do with their cards like if they want to keep them then that depends on their choice and if they want to trade them with other players, they are free to do that too. So, trading is legal and acceptable in this game. This is another good thing that will help you gain good fortune if you are lucky. Trade deals are not always profitable rather they can bring loss as well. So, act wise and trade wisely.

Features of Collect Em All APK

  1. AI opponents

You will be playing against the AI rivals if there is no one online to accept your challenge. These bots are specifically designed to play like real human beings.

  • Feedback

If you are someone who does not trust on random sites, then you are also welcomed on our platform. You can always head to the feedback section where users have shared their thoughts about what they think of this game, and we must tell you that there are some nostalgic messages as well which will blow your mind.

  • Rules

The rules are easy and simple. But when it comes to strictness then there will be no forgiveness to any player because this is the basic essence of this game which is maintaining order and quality.

  • Entertainment  

You are going to get a full pack of entertainment in just a single gaming app. So, say goodbye to your boredom and hi to joy.  

  • Sense of satisfaction

You forget everythin that is bothering your mind when you are playing this game, It takes you on a journey to a fantasy world where there is no suffering.


Collect Em All APK is a latest card game with crazy features. Together with assessing your luck in cards, you can also play many puzzle games in this single package. Moving on, we would love to tell you more about the game that is full of fun stuff. One of which is the incorporation of some incredible mini games that are known as the best thing that happened to internet in recent times. The most loved are the puzzle games. Get your product today by downloading it.

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