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College Brawl Modilimitado APK

College Brawl Modilimitado APK v1.4.2 (Latest Version) – Download


20 April 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name College Brawl Modilimitado APK
Latest Version v1.4.2
Last Updated 20 April 2023
Publisher LAGS
Requires Android 4.4 and up
3.8/5 Rating (9)

College Brawl Modilimitado APK is a unique and exceptional on-campus fighting game that is full of fun and adventurous levels. This is a role-playing game where you are up against a horde of foes who are actually the bullies of your college. The gang of bullies has taken away all the belongings of your friends and he has reached out to you for help. Now you have to set up a trap for the gang and recover the looted belongings of your friend. When you open the game, you start realizing that you have taken the right decision as the game looks so attractive with respect to the graphics and other aspects that everyone cannot stop themselves from admiring it.

About College Brawl Modilimitado APK

The red kat gang of your college is a group of boys who bully and harass other students. For the last few days, they have been chasing your friends. They crossed all limits when they caught your best friend and after torturing him, they took everything from him. You have finally decided to teach them a lesson and have promised your friend to bring everything back. Now the real test arrives when you have to make a plan on how to handle them. You have the access to all kinds of weapons and other resources if you wish to use them against them then you can do that without any hesitation. As you upgrade your skills, you will be able to unlock more dangerous and modern weapons that can be used during the fight. 

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You will be playing the protagonist known as Ken. you will take a detailed tour of the campus before setting a trap for the spoiled kids. The campus setting is difficult to understand. Before starting the game, understand the dynamics so that you do not get stuck at any point while playing the game because consistency is very important in this game otherwise you will get destroyed and killed as the spoiled kids want. You are the only threat that they see to their freedom and lives, now the matter is who can survive and win this match. Find it out by downloading this exciting game on your device. 

Features of College Brawl Modilimitado APK

  1. Genre

The game falls into the fighting and action genres. There is a lot of competition in this genre between different video games. That is why every developer tries his best to make a game more interesting than others and this game is a continuation of that fact because it has everything that an exceptional video game must have. 

  • Resources 

The game allows you to benefit from various sources that are provided to the gamers inside the game like modern weapons, safety gadgets, and much more. This stuff is for your protection and safety, if you use them then you have a good chance of survival. 

  • Health 

Keep an eye on your health while fighting because less health will put you in a vulnerable condition and you do not want that. 

  • HP points 

Collecting more HP points will improve your skills and will enable you to fight. The HP points not only help you during the fight but also improve your health.

  • Graphics 

Gamers are getting 3D graphics in the game that are known as the most preferred ones in this industry. 


College Brawl Modilimitado APK is one of the best video games released lately. The game supports 3D graphics that enhance the gaming experience and provide gamers with a time full of entertainment and adventure. You have the option of HP points which enable you to improve your health and credits. You can use the credit to upgrade the skills and purchase weapons, this way you can outnumber your enemy and win the challenge. Download the game now to play the game.  

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