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Corona Warn App v3.1.1 (Latest Version) – Free Download

Robert Koch-Institut

16 March 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name Corona Warn App
Latest Version v3.1.1
Last Updated 16 March 2023
Publisher Robert Koch-Institut
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Category Health & Fitness
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As the world is going through the brutal pandemic called Coronavirus. It has become really difficult for people to travel or even have family gatherings because of the doubt and spreading the power of this killer virus. It gets infected to one person and can potentially transmit to another person. So it’s a chaotic situation here, but what if we make an application. That gives you all the records of your routine travel and tells you the covid-19 history of the persons you met or have an interaction with? Well, that’s no longer a fantasy, an application named Corona Warn App 2.3.2 is something you need on your phones right now!

About Corona Warn 2.3.2 APK

The application is German-based, the German health institute put forward the idea of an application. So developers made the application that keeps all the records of your coronavirus record like if you have been tested positive. You are positive and outside right now instead of quarantine and all of the other records that need to be mentioned. Now the question arises, how will it help? As the name shows Corona-warn. It will become a reminder and as well as a warning to the people about their interactions with the people that had coronavirus history.

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Now let us examine how the application work. So there will not be any confusion left regarding it. The application works with the IDs system. Once you download the application it will ask to make you an ID in which it will keep all of your records regarding coronavirus, and Bluetooth plays important role in it.

Remember, This application is two-way application means. It will only detect those people who have the application on their phones too. So you have to download the app and should keep it on during travel and it will point out those people who were recently tested or have a history of the virus in them.


There is no need to worry about privacy, the application doesn’t need your email, name, or any other information. Just make your hidden ID and it will show your ID to other people who are using the app. So don’t get worried about the application’s privacy policy. It is safe to use.

Features Corona Warn App

  • Keeps All the required Data:

The application is unique in its way. It is the first time that any country has put forward the idea to fight and prevent people from the virus in this manner. The only thing you need to enter is your coronavirus history. So it will help you and others to be safe from the virus, and all of the information is for application purposes, none of the irrelevant info will be asked.

  • Precise:

All of the warnings and statistics are shown to you will be precise. There is no doubt about the functionality of the application.

  • Works with Bluetooth:

Yes, you heard it right, the application required a Bluetooth connection to establish a bridge of information between you and people that have a history of coronavirus. So make sure that your application is on and Bluetooth is working.

  • No Registration:

As we already mentioned earlier the privacy of users is also a main concern. So developers have made it registration fee so there is no fear of misuse of info.

  • User friendly:

There isn’t any confusion in an application, once you download the app everything is easy.


Corona-Warn is a German-based application and can only be compatible in Germany. But the benefits of the application are real. Without showing any identity you can have all the info of people related to coronavirus history. So it will help users to be careful next time when visiting places, don’t wait and download the app!

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