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CPU Max APK v1.3.0 (Latest Version) – Free Download


24 January 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name CPU Max APK
Latest Version v1.3.0
Last Updated 24 January 2023
Publisher Azeem.Telecom
Requires Android 4.4 and up
3.2/5 Rating (5)

CPU Max APK gives you the ability to track your battery usage and receive detailed insights into how your device is utilizing each component. This helps you identify where your power usage is taking place and optimize it for longer-lasting performance.

Furthermore, keeps exact record of all system information, including versions, brand, model, processor type and any other related system details about your device. This allows for better troubleshooting when an issue arises and you need to identity a possible source from the root cause of the error messages received.

Get an overview of how much internal storage space is available as well as measure storage usage by app. Knowing what apps take up more space can help clear up available memory while also helping identify which applications you should un install or update to free up precious storage later on down the road

Discovering exact specs of installed components is enabled through System Info in CPU Max, allowing quick analysis on maximum potential abilities with compares against detailed values that show actual performance levels upon usage. You can also keep track of RAM usage within each function call made during app usage in order to ensure information accuracy when readings are taken.

About CPU Max APK

CPU Max is a tool that developers created to give you access to the complete details of your Android device, without requiring any device permissions. This app is user friendly and informative, providing detailed system information such as processor speed, RAM usage, and temperature readings. Additionally, it has an easy to use interface for overclocking and under clocking processes on your device, enabling faster performance for tasks that require more power.

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Monitoring data transfer over cellular or WiFi networks provides insight into which services are using the most data transfer rates if applicable for saving money on costly monthly plans if using public internet hotspots or cellular data connection devices.

Configure background activity settings with ease in order to minimize battery drain from app functions that run without user input making adjustments easier than ever before from one centralized location. Get real-time temperature stats on processor core temperatures directly from System info within CPU Max app so that monitoring thermal throttling can be done if needed for high performing intensive tasks such as gaming or video editing projects

Features of CPU Max APK:

  • Overview: 

It is a powerful and intuitive tool that allows you to view all of your device’s internal components, hardware and software. With this app, you can easily identify what’s eating up your battery life and make adjustments as needed to keep your device running optimally.

  • System Info:

This app displays important information such as CPU type, system memory, processor speed, ADB version, operating system version and kernel version in an easy to read format. It also shows what apps are running on your device, including the resource usage of each app’s processes.

  • Device Resources:

The app provides full information about the types of sensors in your device and other important specs like Bluetooth connections, Wi-Fi connections and NFC support available on your phone or tablet. It also shows the usage stats for network connectivity so you can quickly determine if your cell connection is working properly or not.

  • Storage and RAM Analysis:

CPU Max can help you understand which areas of storage require more attention with informative visuals such as radial chart checking, showing where applications take up the most resources one by one or in combination with others on a single screen shot window. And comprehensive RAM usage reports provide data including program names so users know exactly which apps are taking up their system memory at any given time.

More Features of CPU Max APK

  • Security Check-up:

Additionally, the app helps to make the security stronger by checking if all installed apps are up to date with their respective patch levels; this feature serves to determine whether they have been using software vulnerabilities or not, giving users assurance and confidence in their setup or protection against malicious activity.

  • Alert Statistics and Monitoring Tools:

The app provides real-time alert statistics for all resource intensive operations on the operating system-notifying users when changes occur during instruction execution cycles, ensuring safe operation from potentially malicious code injections or viruses hidden within already existing programs already runnable from inside memory space.


Finally, users will find it very simple to access all features through its user friendly navigable interface that provide quick access options across its menus; this includes key features such as power usage management tools along with popular setting configurations that allow users customize their device’s performance based preferences according to personal taste.

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