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Criminal case mod Apk

Criminal case mod Apk v2.39 (Latest Version) – Free Download

Pretty Simple

10 July 2023 (12 months ago)

App Name Criminal case mod Apk
Latest Version v2.39
Last Updated 10 July 2023
Publisher Pretty Simple
Requires Android 4.4 and up
0/5 Rating (0)

Criminal case mod apk is an investigating and adventurous murder mystery game in which criminal cases are studied, and criminals are apprehended. Players progress in this game after solving each case and puzzle. Detectives gather clues from crime scenes, send them to forensics and laboratory and solve puzzles to find the culprit. It is an adventurous and fascinating game for avid detectives.

About the App

Enjoy an exciting and adventurous voyage filled with hidden things, riddles, puzzles, and murder in a dark and corrupt world. Players in this enigmatic game test their sleuthing abilities by tracking down murder-related clues, accumulating proof, and ultimately identifying the real culprit.

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The criminal investigator uses different methods and approaches to get access to criminals and investigate and interrogate witnesses. In this game, the case proceeds as the detectives solve puzzles and complete tasks. This game is perfect for gamers loving the hidden object or murder mystery genre. You investigate the whole crime case as a detective and send clues to the forensic team. In this game, you would search out the hidden objects at the crime location to induce clues regarding the crime. You’ll also be able to analyze and collect various pieces of evidence to catch the killer.

More about Criminal case mod Apk

The app has been thoroughly tested and confirmed, and it is simple and safe to play on any device. Players Analyze each piece of evidence, pay attention to witnesses, and find the main culprit. The players will catch the murderer by making decisions that will assist them in unraveling the plot. Players will utilize their detective skills to uncover every secret, solve minor puzzles and locate hidden objects. Each case has its unique tale, and detectives use their competent skills to solve each one.

The game begins with the first murder case of the professor, in which players utilize their detective instincts to uncover the truth and eventually apprehend the perpetrator. After solving a murder case, a new case opens with a thrilling plot, and players eventually progress in the game. Criminal Case mod apk will give you unlimited hints while solving murder mysteries, and these hints will assist you in solving dreadful cases. In other criminal and mysterious games, players’ energy usually decreases with time, but in the Criminal case mod apk, players get unlimited energy to solve the issues.

Features of the Game 

Fascinating storyline

This game has a fantastic storyline. Each case is highly engaging, with an excellent plot.

Gorgeous graphics

Criminal case mod apk has unique and captivating graphics and beautiful animation. Its graphics attract the players and engage them for the longest time.


You may acquire as many hints as you want in the game because it is a modified version, which will help you solve the case immediately.

Unlimited Energy

Criminal case mod apk gives you unlimited energy to solve cases more efficiently.

Look into the corrupt town.

Being a detective in the game, you solve each case efficiently to remove crimes from the town. For this, you examine numerous murder sites.

Unique mysteries

Each case holds an exciting and thrilling story. In addition, every game case is filled with collectibles, so players look everywhere and find them all.

Play with your pals

Play this game with your buddies to see who can become the finest private investigator and find the culprit quickly.


Criminal case APK is an interactive game with multiple cases which need to be solved by a detective. Some murder cases are easy to solve, but some require excellent skills so that players can improve their detective skills. So download this game to find hidden objects and much more. Criminal case mod apk will make you a detective who will keep a wheater eye on your surroundings.

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