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Dead By Daylight Mobile APK

Dead By Daylight Mobile APK v1.204048.204048 (Latest Version)

Exptional Global

19 March 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name Dead By Daylight Mobile APK
Latest Version v1.204048.204048
Last Updated 19 March 2023
Publisher Exptional Global
Requires Android 4.4 and up
0/5 Rating (0)

Dead By Daylight Mobile APK is a spooky android game with absolute thrill and suspense. This horror game has an element of a survival game and gives players the option to either take the role of killer or survivor. Players have to fight with four opponents if they take the role of a survivor.

It is a multiplayer game originally available for personal computers and laptops, but now it has been upgraded and made available for mobile phone users. The main character of this game is Michael Myer, Ghost Face, and other characters unveil as the game progress. The main aim of this game is to fight as a survivor, with an eerie adversary ready to smash and murder you. To complete the task and kill the enemy, players might face many challenges, but with great intelligence and timely decisions, they can accomplish this mission. Moreover, they can also customize their character by modifying their outfits and accessories.

About Dead By Daylight Mobile APK

People enjoy playing horror and thrill games because of the intense emotional outrage and adrenaline rush of the experience because of thrill and suspense. The nature of tasks and challenges in horror games test many skills of players and put them in a controlled and emotionally suspenseful situation to experience fear without any real-world influence and consequences. So, to quench the thirst for challenge and horror, developers have launched an exciting game named Dead By Daylight Mobile APK.

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These games set the bar high by providing psychological appeal, escapism, and adrenaline rush due to thrill and fear. The gameplay is quite intriguing that keeps the players engaged. The main story of the game revolves around the survival situation. Players can either take the role of survivor or attacker. Moreover, they can play this game with their friends and family as it is a multiplayer game, allowing up to five players to play at a time. This game has a series of challenges that become more intense as the game progress. Players accomplish these tasks by perfectly analyzing the situation, planning out the attack, and making the strategy. Characters of the game unfold as the game progress. So, download this spookiest horror game to ride the adventurous journey of fun and excitement.

Feature of Dead By Daylight Mobile APK

An intriguing game

This game has captivating and engaging gameplay. Its horror game plot with the full element of suspense keeps the players engaged and makes them eager to unfold the mysteries. Each new task is different from the previous one and thus keeps the interest.

Character customization

Dead By Daylight Mobile APK allows users to customize their chosen characters by providing them options to modify characters’ outfits, accessories, and much more.

Challenging tasks

This game has a chain of challenges that become intense as the game progress. All these challenges put the players in a situation where they must overcome obstacles and eliminate the enemy while using their combat skills, smart planning, and wise strategy. 

Captivating visuals

Visuals play an important role in enhancing the overall gameplay of any game. This game has perfect visuals that match the genre of the game.

Visuals make or break the game for its viewers. This game’s visuals are incredibly appealing and match the requirements for every thrilling game.


Dead By Daylight Mobile APK is an adventurous horror game originally available only on personal computers but now on mobile phones. It has elements of good horror games. The intensity of tasks and challenges keeps the players engage and attracts more players. The sequence of events, challenges, sound, track, graphics, storyline, and each element of this game make it the best and the finest spooky game out there. So, download this game and don’t miss out on the fascinating and thrilling journey.

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