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Dig Dug Girl APK

Dig Dug Girl APK v0.9.6 (Latest Version) – Free Download

atari inc

19 September 2023 (7 months ago)

App Name Dig Dug Girl APK
Latest Version v0.9.6
Last Updated 19 September 2023
Publisher atari inc
Requires Android 4.4 and up
3.7/5 Rating (7)

We have played enough of adventurous and trendy games that make us just make treasures by killing and making armor action every time but the application I am about to discuss is one of out of tradition but classic game that enables you to have fun with adventure with a blend of a lot of genres of games.

 Dig dug APK is an arcade game that helps you exterminate the underground monsters that have made it a chaotic situation for the indigenous people of the located area. The monsters reside in the Earth’s crust and have made the people live in hell from quite long now. Let’s move ahead to dig for more about the Dig dug girl APK.

About the Dig dug girl APK

The Dig dug girl APK; you will find out, is one of the best arcade game ever developed. You are the hero of the game and you will play the dig dug girl APK as an exterminator who, as a hero, tries his or her level best to get rid of the underground monsters that are causing the indigenous people suffer. The monster lives in the Earth’s crust so to get them out and kill them you pull them out from there. You as a hero bring air pump, your wits and Earth rocks to clear out the underground.

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The game has an amazing play as you can play it with one other person or it is played by two people or players using joy stick. The traditional and classical dig dug is a legendry work that we play with full of enthusiasm even today.

More about Dig dug girl APK

The game is like killing the enemies underground. The enemies are basically of two types. One is the pookas (they are round and red types which look like having glasses of some type) which will kill the player by touching him or her. And the second types are the Fygars which kill the player by touching as well as by firing fire bums from their mouth towards the player. The games hero or the player has weapons to fight with. One of the weapon is the Pump which you have to push B to activate and which inflates the enemy and kill them. Other times you can fault the ground to kill them by faulting the ground.

The points are on the basis of how many of the enemies have you killed in just one attack. The lands will be getting rid of the monsters as rewards and also lands of islands would be your treasure gift.

How to download the Dig dug girl APK?

Download the application from the given sources and also start installing it. Once you download the application then go to the “unknown sources” in your device setting and enable the security to install the applications from third parties. Now come back to your Dig dug girl APK package and start installing it. Once the application is installed you can use it as a general game that you use mostly.


As mentioned that the application is an amazing touch to classical games blended with traditional horror game which makes it spicy. The application is fascinating due to the graphics of the game in general and the graphics of the monsters in précis. The application has a celeb touch to it as you are the hero saving the lives of so many people and just being a hero killing a lot of monsters at once. Points on the points table increase until you have a treasure island as a gift or rather as an award.

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