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Dragon Heir Silent Gods APK

Dragon Heir Silent Gods APK v0.100.101055 (Latest Version) – Download


6 April 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name Dragon Heir Silent Gods APK
Latest Version v0.100.101055
Last Updated 6 April 2023
Publisher SgraStudio
Requires Android 4.4 and up
0/5 Rating (0)

The Dragon Heir Silent Gods APK is a classic game that involves violence, war, fighting, and a lot of action. The game is about liberating an evil land that has been captured by an evil rule who is cruel and has made the lives of the inhabitants a hell. Now the protagonist must regain his memory and help the dwellers get their freedom back from the rule who has forcefully influenced his illegitimate rule over the city. The actions and other stuff are decided by a 20 sided dice rolling technique. This method helps the protagonist make a perfect road map for accomplishing what he wants.

About Dragon Heir Silent Gods APK

Dragon Heir Silent Gods APK is an exceptional role playing game that features a powerful protagonist who is on the mission of saving the city in which he was born. You will play the protagonist in this game. It will take you to the beautiful valleys of Arcadia which is one of the wonderful places to be in the entire valley with lush green places and all kind of fruits. You will begin your venture by reviving your power and regaining your memory that you had lost in an accident while fighting against the evil army. Your skills and the decisions that you will make during the game will define the overall plot of the game.

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With magnificent gameplay in Dragon Heir Silent Gods APK, you will be able to get some other utilities as well. Firstly, we would love to tell you about the graphics of the game. In a game like this, you cannot expect graphics less than 3D version, so yes, you are getting it in this and in addition to that you will get a support of PBR text that enhances the 3D graphics experience. Apart from these features, you will be able to get seasonal and on time updates about the game no matter wherever you are. The game keeps updating with time and new things are being added so that the audience could benefit from it.

Features of Dragon Heir Silent Gods APK:

  1. Graphics

This is the major and most highlighted feature of this game that is why we are mentioning this first as you yourself will also notice when you start playing the game that there is something very special when it comes to graphics in this game.

2. PBR text

The game supports PBR text with the 3D graphics that not only uplifts your gaming experience but also assists you in making your game more fun and exciting as you continue playing it on your android device.

3. Updates

There are seasonal and frequent updates that keep coming with time as the developers also add new features to the game. This way, you never miss out on anything new that comes to the market.

4. Challenges

The fight is not going to be easy. You have to fight the evil dungeon bosses who have been ruling over the city for a long time. So if you fail, you will lose the battle and the city both this is why there is no option of losing the battle. You have to liberate the people of your city at any cost otherwise everyone will die.


Dragon Heir Silent Gods APK is an ultimate classical fighting game that brings you face to face with the dungeon bosses who are cruel and dangerous. For getting yourself ready for the fight, you need to revive your memory and regain your powers because without them you are nothing and you will not be able to compete against the powerful enemy that wants to destroy you and your beloved city. Download the game to know more about it.

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