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Dragonary APK v2.5.12 (Latest Version) – Free Download

Coinary LTD

19 March 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name Dragonary APK
Latest Version v2.5.12
Last Updated 19 March 2023
Publisher Coinary LTD
Requires Android 4.4 and up
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If you are Gamer, you know that the most important thing you are investing in the game is your precious Time of your short life. That’s you are spending on Games, and surprisingly without a reward. Isn’t that unfair that you are investing your time in the game, and also investing your additional money to unlock the items in the shops and progress with the unlocked missions and finally become the Pro Player. Wait, what if you are being rewarded in the Crypto Currency to just play the game. Trade your items in the games means your buying is converting into investment. Best characters in the form of Dragons and with special block chain Gaming Technology? Don’t wait to experience the transformational gaming magi. Download Dragonary APK Right Now!

About Dragonary APK

Drangonary is an earning fighting game in which you have only mission: Collect and Breed the Dragons which are superstars of Dragonary and will be the characters you can control (as a Dragon Tamer). You have to tame and breed dragons through a semi-automatic battle style system. In the start of the game, you would start playing with three shared Dragon and you have to use these three Dragons to complete the missions and advance in the game. Don’t forget you would be getting better rewards each time with your progress.

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Secondly, The breeding system is your passport to have better dragons. That you can use in the Battles and can exchanged in the Marketplace as NFT Dragons for a reward. In the Dragonary, you have two ways of breeding your dragons: generating eggs by joining other dragons or by union of high rarity dragons. The end result would be the Egg of the Future Dragon, which hatches in Hours and would be ready to fight the battles against other dragons in the game. In the Dragonary, there are seven kind of unique set of skills you can acquired for your dragon. They are Fire, Earth, Electric,Air, Plant, Water and Ice element.

Thus, Dragonary game has two types of modes:  PVE (Player vs Environment) and PVP (Player vs Player), where you can farm items and Coinary Tokens that will permit you to progress in the game, and develop your Dragonary’s economy. Also there is a story mode in which you will introduce you to the mechanism of Dragonary.

Features Dragonary APK

  • Earning Game

Dragonary is a game in which you play and earn rewards received in the form of items will be tokens. Which you can use within the game, exchange them in the Market with other players, or you can exchange them for a Crypto Currency in the crypto market.

  • Breed your Own Unique Dragon

This makes Dragonary interesting. You can breed your own unique dragon by doing the missions and collecting the items and coins, using them you can have your unique dragon.

  • Variety of Modes

Moreover, You can play the game in two modes, In PVE and PVP. In PVE you would fight the dragons generated by AI and in PVP, you would face real players who are playing the same game.

  • Friendly Design and Interface

The Dragonary has the best ever design and Interface you can experience in the game. With unlimited element, items, Inlands and upgradation features, you can navigate your own Dragonary Journey.


At Last, If you are bored of just playing the games for nothing and want to earn while playing. Then Dragonary is for you. Dragonary is a universe created through BlockChain Technology. Don’t miss the chance to experience next generation Gaming. You don’t have to look any farther; Dragonary is ready to download right now!

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