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Drain Mansion APK

Drain Mansion APK v1.4.0 (Latest Version) – Free Download


5 March 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name Drain Mansion APK
Latest Version v1.4.0
Last Updated 5 March 2023
Publisher Kredyn
Requires Android 4.4 and up
3.9/5 Rating (15)

Drain Mansion APK is a gaming app developed for android users who love playing games that provide them with action and suspense. It design is on the grounds of pixel art graphics where the player faces different obstacles while chasing his goal. The game is not like other simple games, it requires you to show both mental and emotional presence.

Moreover, it does not come with heavy graphics, this is good for users having smartphones with medium-sized RAM and little internal storage. When they install the game and start playing, it does not lag and does not show buffering, this way, users can have non-stop gaming time. Furthermore, the controls are impressive too, it comes with precise control options through which the players can play the game easily. The game does not require you to have your fingers on several buttons at a time, rather you only focus on a few areas and the whole game revolves around them.

About Drain Mansion APK

In Drain Mansion APK, the player finds himself locked up in a room with a beautiful woman when he wakes up. The woman tries to seduce them and create temptation in his body. As long as he can resist her, he survives, and if he surrenders to her, he will get killed. The man’s mission in the game is to save himself from falling to her when she comes closer to him and tries to seduce them through her actions and her words. She is very professional in her job and can do anything to make him fall for her. But the player has to hold his nerves and show patience as long as the game ends.

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When he is successful in doing that, he will get promotion to the next level and a whole new arena and story will begin. But on the contrary, if he is unable to resist her and falls for her, then his story ends right there. He will not survive anymore and will be eliminated from the game. This game will show you what techniques a woman can employ to make men fall for her. Also, it is a test of your patience as well, you will be able to know how long you can resist and ignore a woman when she is in front of you and asks you to come to her. 

More about the app:

The game completes when the man successfully gets out of the room without dying. While doing it, he has to go through many problems like solving environmental puzzles and eliminating other enemies. The role of a seducing woman is also one of the great hurdles he faces as he tries to get out of the room. Help him save his life and escape from this prison. 

Features of Drain Mansion APK

Role-play game 

This is a role-playing game that requires you to play as a protagonist of the game who is trapped inside an abandoned mansion with a woman and some enemies. Your role is to save him from falling for the woman and resist her seducing tactics. When you do that and help him escape, you will be announced as the winner. 

Free to play

There is no fee or charge for playing this stunning game. Download now and have free entertainment for as long as you want. 


The graphics are not so impressive, they are just normal and simple graphics not having heaving integrations in them. 


The APK package is safe to install and use on any android device. 


Be the savior of a trapped man who is striving to save his life from a desperate woman and her companions. Download Drain Mansion APK now and start playing. 

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