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Drone Acro Simulator APK v1.4 (Latest Version) – Free Download


23 March 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name Drone Acro Simulator APK
Latest Version v1.4
Last Updated 23 March 2023
Publisher Egobrook
Requires Android 4.4 and up
0/5 Rating (0)

Many people wish to experience using a drone but not everyone can afford one. In cases like these, we look towards virtual reality for fulfilling wishes like this one. Drone Acro Simulator APK is such an app that enables us to fulfill our long-awaited wish of flying a drone and seeing everything down on the ground from a specific height. You will have an experience like never before. Just get this app and you are good to go. The app comes with the support of radio equipment that lets you know about the major developments happening around you like if you are about to encounter a danger then it will inform you about it so that you could change the direction of your drone for being saved from a possible collision. 

Apart from the radio equipment, the drone comes with a gamepad that makes you feel like you are playing a professional video game but instead you are flying a drone and seeing different places from a particular height. Drone Acro Simulator APK has smooth and precise controls. The users give all the instructions to the drone and to your surprise, you will see no faults in the app which can possibly ruin your experience as a user because when we are using a product, we do not want any faults at all as we are spending our precious time and energy on it. 

About Drone Acro Simulator APK

The great thing about this drone app is that it sharpens and polishes your flying skills so when you get a real drone then you become a decent pilot in a very short period as compared to the people who do not know about such games. This is because you learn about all aspects of drones through such games and your concepts are cleared even before taking a real drone in your hands.

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Download the app, connect your gamepad and other necessary components, and embark on your journey of exploring different areas up from the skies. 

Features of Drone Acro Simulator APK:

  1. Professional drone app

The game is one of the professional platforms that introduce you to the world of drone technologies. This is very crucial for learning about what drones are and how they work. If you are enthusiastic about drones then you should definitely have this app on your device.

  • Graphics 

Graphics are the most important component of such games because when you are flying something you need to be clear about the surroundings in which you are operating your machine to save yourself from possible accidents or collisions. You will have the perfect graphics in this app. 

  • Gamepad 

The game allows the users to connect their gamepads with the platforms so that they can get a smooth flight while flying their drone. The process is simple if you want to connect the gamepad. This is an optional feature that this app is providing otherwise you can use the app normally as well. 

  • Radio equipment 

It has fast and accurate radio technology that lets you know about possible threats during the flight. Like if you are about to collide with a stone then you will know about it one time. 

  • Maps 

Maps are the basic component of this game, there are tens of hundreds of maps available for you.


Get yourself some quality time to relax and get entertained with this all-new and improved drone app called Drone Acro Simulator APK. The game components keep updating and according to the recent updates, the developers have added a stunning map of an industrial area. Explore hundreds of maps and learn how to fly a drone with this app. The platform will provide all these features for free. If you have not clicked the download link yet, hit it now.

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