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Ecosia APK v3.1.3 (Latest Version) – Free Download

Ecosia GmbH

2 April 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name Ecosia APK
Latest Version v3.1.3
Last Updated 2 April 2023
Publisher Ecosia GmbH
Requires Android 4.4 and up
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“We are destroying our future and the planet for the coming generations”, this sentence was announced by one of the environmentalist during a seminar. We are going towards global warming and a flooded future because of our own tasks. The environment has been destroyed by pollutants and toxic gases. The atmosphere is filled with harmful gases and particles that are becoming the cause of the increase in global warming bringing disasters to mankind. So, download the Ecosia APK for web browsing and searching. This is the only application that contributes to the people who plant trees through income. That means the more you use this application for browsing and searching you will be part of the process to plant thousands of trees.

The only solution that is cleaning the environment is a tree. Trees are taking these toxic gases in and releasing oxygen for humans to breathe. We are alive on this planet only because of the availability of oxygen and if that will become rare then the human being will also get extinct. We are getting down trees and destroying our environment. But today we will give a chance to collaborate with the good people who are planting trees and are trying to build a safe future for upcoming generations.

About Ecosia APK

This application is the same as other web browsers mean Google, Bing, etc. but the main thing is that the revenue generated by this application goes to the sources which are planting trees and keeping the environment clean. The application is free and is a secure platform for all android users. The application can be downloaded in a stable network to minimize any issues. Also, the users don’t have to pay any registration or downloading charges because this is a totally free application.

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The application is using almost 70 to 80% of its revenue to plant trees in different regions of the globe. The application managers and developers are financing all the sources that are working for planting trees. Ecosia APK is also offering all the browsing features and tools for secure and fast browsing. The servers are well maintain and offer legit services. You can browse flawlessly with all the amazing tools.

Features offered by Ecosia APK

Various Tabs-you can use different tabs for browsing at the same time. There is no limit to that.

Private mode-you can use the private mode to browse privately or login to your accounts without any issue.

History-you can also access the searched history if you mistakenly closed any tab.

Downloads-the application is providing the best formats and tools to download anything from the internet.

Contribute to environment

You can be part of the process by spending your time and helping the application developers to generate income. This money will be given to plant trees in different sites and regions of the world.

Secure platform

The application is providing security to the users pretty more than any other browsing site because;

  • Your searches will not be saved
  • No tracking to your browsing sites
  • No data selling to companies
  • Private browser


The application works well on both high and low devices.

  • Free to use-no registration or verification charges are required, completely free application.
  • Mobile friendly-the user interface is very easy and simple. It does not harm your device.
  • Simple controls-you can use simple controls to search or browse for your preferred things.
  • 100% legit results-you will get the best search results in seconds because the servers are fast and reliable.
  • No ads-the developers have restricted all third-party ads to bother the users.


At last, you could be the change to this disastrous condition. Simply start using the Ecosia APK for your daily web browsing and the Ecosia developers will finance more sources to plant trees making the planet the best place to live. Download Ecosia APK now!

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