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Updated to version 1.2.2!

The EE35 Film Camera APK simulates sounds just like a vintage mechanical camera, giving you a realistic experience complete with film advance and shutter release noises. It’s helpful for anyone looking to bring the mechanical sound of a classic camera back into their photography as well.

This app is designed to look just like a retro 35mm SLR camera from the 70s, giving you the feel of working with an old-school setup that would have been popular during that time. This lets you connect to cameras that existed long before smartphones or digital labels were created, but still gives you modern applications such as automatic exposure settings and filters.

The app also has several automated functions which make taking photos easier than ever. For example, there are Automatic Shutter Speed Mode (A SSM) and Manual Shutter Mode (M SM), allowing users to switch between the two depending on their preference. Additionally, this app includes preset settings for differing light conditions so users don’t have to spend too much time adjusting their settings manually, freeing up more time for photography fun.

One of the most impressive features of this vintage-inspired camera mobile app is its ability to simulate real film looks on your photos. With 8 distinct film presets including Kodak Gold 200, Fujifilm Astia 100F, Fuji Superia 800 Plus and more, you can quickly adjust the look and style of your photos without needing any separates in post-processing software.

About the EE35 Film Camera APK

EE35 Film Camera APK also comes packed with one tap editing tools which allow users to make quick adjustments based on their needs while they are taking pictures. This includes functions like adjustments on brightness and contrast, color adjustment options preloaded into the camera viewfinder, and even being able to add grainy effects or random blurlets.

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Users can easily save photo creations onto directly onto their phones but they can also share them with friends using various platforms like Instagram or TikTok, all from within the same editor window itself! The EE35 Film Camera app also can share images in either jpg or raw files directly from within your device itself, making it fast, easy and efficient for those who need it most.

Written in HTML5 language ,this application runs almost natively across multiple devices. This include Android , iOS , Windows Phone , webs browsers etc. Thus allowing photographers with diverse platforms unlock its wide range of features.

Features of the Garden of Banban APK

  1. Simple and Authentic Design

This is designed to simulate a retro, mechanical film camera in the most authentic way possible. Its simple interface and easy-to-use features make it perfect for anyone. Specially who wants to take analogue photos without having to get their hands on a real vintage camera. With everything from dials and buttons, to perfectly simulated light leaks, the app provides an incredibly realistic analog experience.

2. Vast Library of 35mm Film Types

The app comes with a library of 35mm films from various classic photographers. Giving users the opportunity to customize their photography style accordingly. From color negative films to black & white slide films. There’s something for everyone in this comprehensive selection of authentic analogue materials

3. Various Shutter Speeds

The EE35 is packed with shutter speeds that range from 1/2000s. All the way down to 30 minutes, granting users true control over exposure and depth of field in their photos. Not only that, but each different speed has its own unique feel, adding extra depth and authenticity to your snaps.

4. Manual Settings and Effects

The app comes with manual settings such as ISO and aperture size control, as well as adjustable flash compensation settings. There is also a range of effects designed specially for analog photography lovers. Which can be applied by intuitively tapping on various parts of your screen!

Additional Features

5 Easy Sharing Functions

Having fully realized an authentic film photography experience doesn’t mean you can’t show people your results. The EE35 app allows you to easily switch between sharing your photos across social platforms or printing them out on physical media – whichever makes you happy.

6 Pro Digital Elements Included

Despite being a mechanical camera emulator, the EE35 does include some digital photo editing functions like sharpening tools or cropping options for both Before and After modes – ensuring users have plenty of freedom over how they want their shots framed or presented afterwards.


Finally what really sets the EE35 app apart are its many supportive community members who are almost always ready with helpful tips or advice when it comes to using this fantastic analogue camera-simulating application.

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