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Elevator Girl APK

Elevator Girl APK v1.1 (Latest Version) Free Download

Elevator Girl

21 April 2024 (3 months ago)

App Name Elevator Girl APK
Latest Version v1.1
Last Updated 21 April 2024
Publisher Elevator Girl
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Size 4.8 MB
3.7/5 Rating (30)

Elevator Girl APK as evident from the name that it is about a girl who is trapped inside an elevator. The girl needs your help but being a game falling in the adult cateogory, you do not want to offer her help for free as you can do many things with her and relieve your lust for a pretty girl. She has worn a perfectly seductive dress that is also a little it transparent which helps you have an eye on her chest and the private parts on it. This is entirely going to be a wet experience for players like you especially if you are playing such a game first time in your life.

Elevator Girl APK is a masterpiece in itself. Its graphics seem nearly impossible as they are so realistic. At your first glance, you will get shock to see how this game has not reached a certain level of popularity despite having so many attractive things integrate in it. The compelling storyline will force you to keep using the app as it gets more interesting with time as the story begins developing when you pass the beginning levels. Get ready for getting wet after installing this app because it has got everything that will make sure of that. As the elevator works on the principles of the physics so the developers had to keep that into account as well to make the game look more appealing. It follows all the laws and mechanics while handling the elevator and the people in it.

About Elevator Girl APK

Elevator Girl APK adopts an immersive and haunting soundtrack to enhance the tension in the atomosphere so that the people who are playing the game could get a real feel of what happens when someone gets trapp or stuck inside an elevator.

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Furthermore, it has professional sound or voice actors that adds upto the sounds we mentioned before and together these two create an environment which makes people feel the situation that they are in. Dialogue choices is also something of a great deal in this game. They have been tailor in a way to synchronise them with the condition of the trapped girl who asks for your help to get her out of the elevator and in response, you ask her to give you favor with things that other people would consider unethical.

Features of Elevator Girl APK:

  1. Puzzle solving

During the game, you will be in situations where you will be ask to figure out certain stuff that are going to be tough and hard for a normal mindset if you do not heed on them carefully.

2. Hidden secrets

The elevator is full of mysterious things and prices that you will be suppose to explore when you are residing in the elevator with the girl. Every discovery will bring you fortune and gifts.

3. Multi ending story

It is not like typical stories which end at one point only, but supports a multi end consisting of different scenarios where the game could end when they are achieve or met.

4. Privileges

You can do anything you want with the girl in exchange of getting her out of that situation. She will let you fulfil your wishes that you have attached with her after seeing her in a vulnerable condition.

5. Unpredictable events

The game starts putting you in difficult situations, it is to check if you have got the gutts to fight for the girl in challenging conditions after using her for relieving your lust.


Elevator Girl APK is a type of game that will enable young lads spend some quality time getting entertained and also get some lustful moments by diving into something that is primarily considered as an adult game. Get the game on your smartphone right now or you will regret it later for not doing so.

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  • Arthur

    8 months ago

    Very good game