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Error 143 APK v0.71 (Latest Version) – Free Download

Jenny Vi Pham

25 December 2022 (1 year ago)

App Name Error 143 APK
Latest Version v0.71
Last Updated 25 December 2022
Publisher Jenny Vi Pham
Requires Android 4.4 and up
0/5 Rating (0)

Being hacker is an aesthetic work to do these days, whether you are doing ethical hacking or other types of hacking but it has become the new aesthetic trend. Imaging of two hackers, one male and the other as female so what happens between two hackers mostly is what happened with these two hackers as well. They feel into a fighting relation and then ended up being lovers and being in relationship. The game today I am about to write about is what moves around such a story of two fellow hackers. The detailed and clear description of the application would be provided further in next paragraphs.

Error 143 APK is an amazing application that surrounds between two sci fi cyber punk vibe creators. These two hackers start with fights and end up being in relationships or rather a deep love relationship. The application contains a chat box that you will use as the player to give whatever turns you want to give to this relationship. You are the person who can make the journey worth it by creating the story yourself with this chat box, the chats are the things that will decide what will happen in next move or rather in the next turn of the game.

About Error 143 APK

Error 143 APK as mentioned above, is mainly for the mature adults or rather too young children should remain away from the application. This is an application for all those hacking loving aesthetic people who want an adventurous and unexpected love story that starts from a fight, not physical though of thoughts and hacking or anything else that would be decide by your actions and ends up being in relationship. This unexpected meetup and unexpected end will be the real fasciation in the game and will create what becomes the real change in the game.

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The name of the person you will start with clash and end with love is the hacker, Micah. The conversations you do are done inside a chat box, these conversations contain talks about your daily life, your passions and other stuff that makes it worth it. The rivals to lovers’ story have got some amazing vibes to it that you will feel down to spines. The chat you will do will be the main thing to decide the turns of your life in the game. You have the option to have a pronoun for yourself that will enable you to help you understand the genders. You can flirt with the hacker and have the conversation of adults with them.

The characters of the game are sexy and are so much fascinating in designing that they look like real. You will have top fashioned and best characteristic characters with perfect teeth, face, lips, hair and other relevant features. The game contains mature graphics and language that is why make it away from children. You will have your heart pumping very fast for the things that will happen in the game so go and download the application for aesthetic hacker relationship.

Features of Error 143 APK

The best of the features are highlighted here though the application contains a lot more features;

  • So much attractive characters; the design and the graphics of the characters like the hacker you love will make you thirsty for the game. The lips, hair, and over all graphics are excellent.
  • Adult contents; the application is best for adults and we do not recomment it for children because it contain adult themes and language.
  • Safety and security; the safety and security of the application is the priority of the application.


The aesthetic trend of hackers has been added multiple times with the glory of this application as you will have to go in relationship with a hacker and that too started from a trash and bad experience and ends up in love affairs, I believe everyone will enjoy the game to next level and will enjoy the journey of talking to the hot hacker.

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    Good I like it

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    1 year ago

    Nice app I like it