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eSound Apk v4.7.8 (Latest Version) – Free Download

Spicy Sparks

22 May 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name eSound Apk
Latest Version v4.7.8
Last Updated 22 May 2023
Publisher Spicy Sparks
Requires Android 4.4 and up
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Listening to the right music and favorite songs is the best part of our lives. We prefer listening to music while traveling, at events, and when we are bored and want a break from our hectic schedules. There is a huge collection of music apps like Spotify, Sound Cloud, Amazon prime Music, and many more. And unfortunately, these apps need subscriptions, and we usually crave free apps to be used for listening to our favorite songs. To fulfill your desire eSound is designed for you. Which is a free music player for MP3 music streaming apps.

About eSound APK

eSound APK is the major music streaming app for free. Which offers millions of songs in the palm of your hand. It provides a substantial and sustainable substitute for the current model established by giants like other SoundCloud or Spotify. Using this app you can, listen to your favorite music for free. This is the most versatile and great music app. Here you can find your favorite song online and add it to your playlist. This way you can listen to your favorite song at any time and anywhere.

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You can effortlessly discover every new title from any corner of the world that is recommended for you based on your search. Always listen to your music playlist from every device you want with the eSound. eSound  APK  ranks relatively practically like other similar apps which may include Spotify and Amazon prime music. You can search for as well as play music by any genre, artist, mood, decade, and more, all from an elegant and amazing interface. The only thing you have to do is preload the play music when you have access to the Internet. And after that, you can also play any disk you want offline. It supports many famous artists and creators so don’t worry you have all the songs in your hand palm. It usually focuses on creating radio stations based on your taste. 

More about eSound Apk

Like Spotify and other music apps, you have to first create your profile and select your ideal artists, and the app will automatically take you into account and suggest you tardily. On top of all this, it has essential controls such as repeating the songs,  shuffling and unlimited skips. This app is provided with  with a self-timer feature that will allow you to listen to your dearest playlist for a precise period and it will seamlessly stop playing when the timer ends. This is an ideal way when you are about to sleep and relax for a specific interval of time.

This app requires  5.0 + and higher versions of Android. It’s latest and newest versions include bug fixes and security of it’s users. It will consume less than one GB of your storage.

Features of eSound APK:

  • Huge collection of songs and smart search:

Here you will able to explore and listen to more than 150 million songs for free without any limitations whether online or offline. This can be called the extremely massive streaming platform for music. You will easily find your favorite song as it can find and filter music. This smart search mostly impresses their users and saves time as well. When you will get the exact results all you have to do is scroll through the search results and find what you are looking for. This is a completely free music streamer and soundtrack player.

  • Distinct composition of music feature:

eSound APK is famous for its extremely elegant music creation feature. It has two main forms of creating playlists which are custom playlists and other is recommended list.  You are free to create playlists whatever you want. It keeps you updated with all the trending music in the world. These both are incredible to track, manage and search.

  • Easy to use

eSound is very simple, comfortable, and convenient. It has everything displayed on the main screen including lyrics, pause button, and repeat or change the order of songs in the playing list. It has very user-friendly which is very easy to use.

  • No advertisement
  • No subscriptions is required


Hence, if you are seeking a free music streaming app then eSound is for you which is an alternative interesting music application. Do download this app and enjoy listening to your favorite music for free.

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