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Ever Crisis APK v1.0.6 [Latest Version] Download For Android


8 September 2023 (9 months ago)

App Name Ever Crisis APK
Latest Version v1.0.6
Last Updated 8 September 2023
Publisher SQUARE ENIX Co.,Ltd.
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Size 236.95 MB
5/5 Rating (1)

Hey people, we feel delighted to introduce our very loved gaming app called Ever Crisis APK that has a huge fanbase and is following on the internet. The parkour system gives great mobility to the players through which they can run, jump, and climb large mountains and also cross any hindrances that block their way. If we talk about the extreme things that will be in hands of players, then weather manipulation is something that holds extreme importance because having control of weather in your hands is huge. You can always change the circumstances in your favor by playing with the weather conditions.

The game has a vanity system and housing system for those who want temporary setup to get settled for a while. It has a large and expansive area that is full of adventure and open to new discoveries. This has been incorporate to increase the boundaries of the game so now it covers a wide range of areas then before liking you can walk into a random building, enjoy the hot weather of a desert, and greet yourself with the fresh air of a forest. There are a lot of possibilities for all of you who were asking for improvements in the game after playing the last version of this so here they are. Apart from providing many areas, it has a variety of enemies as well who will test your skills on a rough battlefield.

About Ever Crisis APK

If you think you can deal with the enemy at your own in Ever Crisis APK, then you are mistaken because this time you are going to meet some wild and fierce people waiting to take you down. By variety, we mean that the enemy camps are full of people with different potential. Some of them are good with weapons but others can fight well with using only their hands. Some of them are good in ariel battles like flying a plan and targeting the enemy camps but others are good on the ground so there is going to be a challenge this time that the players will have to pass through if they want to survive till the end.

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To counter this, you are allowe to adopt your own fighting style by customizing your character and the characters of those who are on your side. This unique fighting method will be extremely effective for you if you are willing to give them a good fight like a tough opposition.

More about the App

Ever Crisis APK understands the feelings of the players and knows that the feeling of progression is a source of ultimate pleasure in any game like being able to unlock new potential equipment, abilities, and challenges. The game has a huge variety of quests to keep the player engaged and occupied. These tasks are not going to be so easy as if you play any level you will have to put in all the efforts to pass through otherwise you are going to face serious problems along the way. There are innumerable obstacles laid down by the opposition to tangle you and your teammates.

The survival of all other companions who are accompanying you on this dangerous expedition rests on your shoulders. You have to act smart to ensure that you and the others get out of the every fight safe and sound so that the seniors could assign you new projects. So, you must think of something safe and special that will not only help you win the combat but also ensure your safe exit from the scene.   Furthermore, throughout the tiring journey that you and your boys will have, there is something that will help keep things light for everyone. We are talking about humor in the game. This will make sure that the fighters are not bored, and they stay fresh all the time.

Features of Ever Crisis APK:

  1. Dimensional system

The users will be able to travel to different dimensions and fight with enemies which are a threat to our world. Players have to eradicate every possible danger that can result in the extinction of human race from the face of the world by getting involve in a bloody combat.

  • Pet system

To assist you and keep you entertained throughout the mission. You will be provided with the option to keep a pet for yourself so that if you feel down or need some help you can seek from him.

  • Mount system

There are several mountains in the game that help players take shortcuts to reach the desired destination in a shorter time than the pre-estimated one because you need to uncover the enemy hideouts as well as accomplish missions at a fast pace.

  • Player driven economy.

Players are able to trade goods and services with other characters so that they could make money and purchase the stuff that they want on their mission like weapons and other things.

  • Non-linear story

Unlike typical gaming system, players in this one will have the liberty to choose their own path. They will not be force to follow a single route on a map rather they will have the chance to discover everything and find the best route for themselves.


Ever Crisis APK comes with a new storyline breaking all the barriers and conventions of typical gaming styles. Experience the luxury of playing a game that gives you the chance of living a once in a lifetime opportunity. For all the action genre lovers, this game is like heaven because it brings them the most anticipated killer features that they would hardly find in any other game on the internet. The game has a morality system as well that results from the decisions that players make during the game. Those decisions decide their moral alignment and help others understand how trustworthy that one player is so that when they are in a heavy fight they could seek help from someone who will take a stand for them and do anything to save them from any kind of danger under tough circumstances.

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