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Evil Genius 3 Mod APK

Evil Genius 3 Mod APK v13.1.1 (Latest Version) – Free Download


21 December 2022 (1 year ago)

App Name Evil Genius 3 Mod APK
Latest Version v13.1.1
Last Updated 21 December 2022
Publisher MondayOFF
Requires Android 6.0 and up
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Evil Genius is a satirical eavesdropping lair-building game in which players take control of the world and steal riches with the help of their minions and rule the world. Unusual from the typical genre of games, evil Genius allows players to implement their schemes and strategies for global dominance and let the world know how your evil mind can make you rule the world. The Forces of Justice have no chance when it feels this nice to be wicked. Players make minions in the laboratory to help them in ruling the world; as you expand and train your minion workforce, you can create new specialists to help further your evil plans!

About Evil Genius 3 Mod APK

Every person has, at some point in their lives, dreamed of ruling the world, seizing all the power, using an evil mind to overthrow the righteous, and obtaining all the resources. Knowing that only the truth can triumph in reality, we manifest as evil in a parallel universe and become the evil monsters seen in fiction and movies. The ideal game for our embodiment of utilizing an evil mentality to gain power is Evil Genius 3. In essence, players organize the entire evil invasion in this strategy game, develop their army by enlisting minions, construct their lair, and demolish that of their opponents. Snatched wealth from the globe and took control of it.

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You should take on the role of an evil genius with demon minions, in contrast to most characters in this series. However, you are only just getting start, and in order to carry out the plan, you must first secure a top-secret subterranean bunker where you can start putting it into action. As the globe started to be taken over, shelters were built beside them. However, because you are still a brilliant wicked person, you have access to a variety of strategies that are not often available in games of this type, like lying, hypocrisy, stealing, and framing.

Features of Evil Genius 3 Mod APK

Underground lair

With the aid of your army of minions and your wicked Genius, you may construct your own ultra-secret underground lair and direct them to carry out your nefarious schemes. Destroy your enemy’s hideout with your army and watch as they cower in terror as you carry out threatening missions, create clever devices, and rise to worldwide supremacy.

Team up with another evil genius

Dominate the globe with other evil geniuses, and collaborate to carry out your plan for world dominion because you will triumph if you stand together against your foe. Invite players to your consortium, then send in your spies to invade their base and interfere with their plans while their backs are turn!

Complete Diabolical Mission

Order your minions to create, steal, hack & cause mischief and global unrest in your name and enjoy seeing your evil plans executed.

Daily Rewards

As it is an evil game, so the more evil unrest you create in the world, the more price you will get. With daily missions to complete, the more havoc you wreak in 30 days, the greater your rewards!


Evil Genius is a distinct type of game where players exploit their underlying evilness and develop schemes to conquer the world and get absolute power. Playing monotonous games can sometimes make you feel bored and deplete your energy. In such a scenario, your mind requires an energy booster. In this game, You can use your brilliant brains to raid the planet and steal the riches. By combining your wicked strengths, you can team up with other evil geniuses and strive toward the same objective. Players instruct their minions to plunder, rob and harm the world. You will earn more points in the game if you commit more evil deeds.

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