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EZ Stars Injector (Official) APK

EZ Stars Injector (Official) APK v9.5 (Latest Version) – Free


2 April 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name EZ Stars Injector (Official) APK
Latest Version v9.5
Last Updated 2 April 2023
Publisher lucianstudio
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Category Utilities & Tools
4.4/5 Rating (8)

The EZ Stars Injector APK is the latest best tool for the world-famous Mobile Legends Game, you’ll find a wonderful sort of thing here. Gamer always wants some cheats to run and play games in a more efficient way. There are world-famous games like Free Fire, PUBG, Mobile Legends, and many more. They are famous, and many people around the world are always attractive in their surroundings. The EZ Stars Injector ML APK is the best tool to cheat on the Mobile Legends game, which includes New Skins and game modifications. You can play the MLBB game more efficiently by downloading The EZ Stars Injector For Free. Note that we are not EZ Stars Official Developers of this app.

If you play Mobile Legends Bang Bang on your Android and you are looking for an application that can inject all the premium skins in the game which you have to buy by paying a price. Then we have a good news for MLBB gamers, that we have an application named “EZ Stars Injector”, which can unlock all the skins which you desire to have in the game. And not just Skins, but also many other features, so it is a whole complete package for the gamers.

So Now What you are Looking for or what to seriously want in the ML Game is Skins, and you have to accept the fact that without having the proper Skins and tool. You will never enjoy the gameplay of the Mobile legends. Mostly, we don’t have money to pay but this EZ Stars Tools can do a better job or can be better alternative to it. 

About EZ Stars Injector

Most people are looking for the best Skin and Game MOBA Tool, but few people find it. So, the EZ Stars Injector App is here for you to get a change to the Skins in One Platform. So, you can easily use this app with just one click. The good thing is, you can inject the best skins of mobile legends without Ban. That’s what most of the users want. This app is developed by the EZ Hunter FC Team, which is also the best tool to get Free Modifications and Skins.

If you are a user of the previous version of the EZ Hunter FC App, you need to download this updated version of EZ Hunter FC APK 2020 to unlock all skins, because it has many features and modifications than the previous version. There is a lot of Modifications and Skins available in this app right now.

This app requires a password, so don’t be confused when asking for a password, just copy the password below and paste it to the app. After applying your password, the App will show you the Skins List and a list of changes to the game that you love to use.

More About EZ Stars

The main focus of the application is to give all control of the to the gamers. All power to the person, who is playing the game. By power and control, we mean advanced customization, unlocking Skis, Backgrounds, effects etc. you can control anything in the game possible from Skins to Skills. You just have to download the application and inject the application in the game. And let it do its work for you, you just focus on the game.

It is just like other injecting tools made for Mobile Legends Bang Bang, but it has more features than the rest of them. If you have used EZ Hunter FC, then it would not make any problem for you. You can easily handle that. You will not find that on Google Play Store, because it is not available to use. Just because it is not available that doesn’t mean it is harmful, just use third party website to download the game.

Features of The EZ Stars FC APK

Get amazing Skins: This is the latest version of the EZ Hunter FC, which is best Known for Unlocking All skin in MLBB.

Free Skins and Tools: You’ll find amazing Free Skins here without getting a ban from the MLBB.

Modifying Features: The app has a lot of game changes, like graphics , sound, and more to make you more compatible with the environment.

Password: The app requires a password and does not require root, and is for android devices only.

Easy and Secure: The EZ Stars Injector is secure and easy to use, with a user friendly environment.

More Features in Details

  • Complete Power over the game:

Application promises to give the gamers to have all the control over the game. Make the game settings as you like, no one will enforce rules on you. Isn’t that great? Having all authority over the game, you can control anything from Skins to Skills.

  • Advanced Skins:

One of the main objective of the application is to unlock all the premium Skins of the Mobile Legends BB, which the gamers have to buy from them. It usually irritates the gamers to spend the money and they always look for the cheat. Then we are delighted to say, that “EZ Stars Injector” is master to unlock the Skins. Some of the cool skins to use in it are Tank, Fighter, Mage, Assassin and many other to use.

  • Backgrounds & Effects:

Not just control over Skins, but you also manage the game’s appearance or theme by changing its background and effects. We know that you don’t like default MLBB backgrounds, you want the change and we have it. just inject the background in the game and enjoy it.

  • No Password System:

The new version of the application doesn’t require any password to use. We know how much it annoys you to remember the passwords. So it is password free.

  • Free & Downloading:

The application is totally free to use. There is no single penny is being taken from any of our users. Plus, you have to download that from website, because application is not on Google Play Store.

How To Download and Use EZ Stars?

The EZ Stars app is only 10 MB App and that is available right in the download Page. So downloading the EZ Stars is not a Big Deal. Then you can easily Install this app in your android Smartphone having Version more than Android 5. After Downloading the App and Installing the next step is Using the App. This Step is more simple then others, just go straight to the Homepage and Find EZ Stars. Open the app from there and some version of this app is Protected by Password. But this Version has No Passwords. SO from there you will see options of Skins and others. Just Select your desired one and enjoy EZ Stars. 


In Short, it is again a best App for the mobile legends Players, you will found here amazing Skins and modification that every players want. Your favorite Skins characters are here is this App Free, without Spending an single Coin. The app will modify your game in such a way that you enjoy playing a more mobile legend game. If you need more information, you can communicate via Comments or Contact Page.

Application gives free cheats to the gamers that they would not find anywhere else, application makes gaming easy for you and gives you total control over the game. Just Download and Enjoy!

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    Wow the app is very easy to use

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    This apps is quality