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Fingerprint Video Locker APK

Fingerprint Video Locker APK v2.4.7 (Latest Version)- Download

Radhe mohan

19 April 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name Fingerprint Video Locker APK
Latest Version v2.4.7
Last Updated 19 April 2023
Publisher Radhe mohan
Requires Android 4.4 and up
0/5 Rating (0)

The internet provides all the facilities for people. Whether you want to do office work or watch entertainment shows, you must have a good internet connection. There are consequences of using the internet as well as our privacy and security can be in danger.

Readily accessing internet sites through our phones may lead to the leakage of private documents or photos on the internet. Not only that, anyone can access your phone gallery if you have not kept a secret PIN and lock to protect it. So, the Fingerprint Video Locker APK is here to help you set a secure place for videos, Photos, Documents, etc. on an Android device.

The need for such applications has increase very much because of various crimes like Phone snatching, theft, etc. When you are using protection or a locker to keep your gallery and phone safe then no one can access them without your permission. That is why Fingerprint video locker APK is the best security application to keep things secure.

About Fingerprint Video Locker APK

The Fingerprint video locker APK is an amazing tool to keep all your data and documents secure. The application falls under the category of utility and tools for Android phones. The developers have launch this application keeping the privacy policy of the users into consideration.

The server is very responsive and the application works perfectly on all Android devices you can set passwords, code, locks, patterns, etc. for your gallery and applications.

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The application provides amazing features to set up a secure and private area where you can keep all the things safe. Before installation, you are require to open the permission for third-party applications because this application is also a third-party tool.

But it has receive many positive feedbacks and reviews from the users. The application offers a simple user interface with all the easy controls that new users can also understand pretty easily.

More about the Application

Once you have download and install Fingerprint Video Locker APK on your device, it will show up on the initial screen. This part requires a pattern or PIN to set the app privacy.

Secondly, you have to choose any random question that must relate to you, you have to answer this question as well. This is helpful when you are unable to remember the pattern or PIN lock.

Moreover, this application has many tools and options that are free to access. Likewise, when you open the side menu or setting option it shows features like fingerprint access, Intruder selfie, sound alarm, Short exit, and many more. These tools are useful to keep your android device and private things safe from intruders.

Features of Fingerprint Video Locker APK

App lock: The application allows you to set passwords and locks in various applications. If you don’t want anyone to see your messages or open the YouTube app on your device then you can set a lock for that easily.

Inaccessible Vaults: The application provides many vault options to hide images, videos, files, apps, etc. you can also hide icons, audio music, and documents in these vaults.

  • Image Vault
  • Video Vault
  • Audio Vault
  • File Vault
  • Incognitive

Intruder Selfie: The application automatically clicks a selfie of the person who tries to open the locker or gallery on your device.

Alarm sound: If someone puts the wrong password or false pattern then the alarm will start ringing and you can catch the person easily.

Different Themes: The application has many themes and background images to give a unique appearance to the interface. Select your favorite theme and color for the application.

Additional features of Fingerprint Video Locker APK

  • Easy download and installation process
  • No registration charges
  • Zero ads are available
  • Compatible with Android devices
  • Mobile-friendly user interface
  • Secure environment
  • Trusted and tested application


In conclusion, we can say that Fingerprint Video Locker APK is going to be your spy and phone guard by keeping your private images, videos, files, music, and applications safe. Download Fingerprint Video Locker APK today.

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