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Fouad WhatsApp APK v9.63 (Latest Version) – Free Download

Fouad MODS

19 March 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name Fouad WhatsApp APK
Latest Version v9.63
Last Updated 19 March 2023
Publisher Fouad MODS
Requires Android 4.4 and up
2.3/5 Rating (3)

WhatsApp is the most used Social messaging app which is offering its users and fans a simple and unique chatting and messaging experience. Whatsapp is also considered to be more personal and secure than other Social sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter in term of its security and policy. Official Whatsapp have limited functions, which make official one a boring and not user friendly App. That’s why developers are working on modified versions of Offfical WhatsApp, adding many other features which are not available in Official WhatsApp. There are many modified versions available on internet like Yo WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus and GB WhatsApp. But there is another App which is best and offer all features and additional features that other Modified Versions offer. Download Fouad WhatsApp APK or FM WhatsApp App APK today.

About Fouad WhatsApp APK

Fouad WhatsApp or it’s famous by its short name FM WhatsApp, developed by Fouad Mokdad and by a team called themselves Fouad Mods. FM WhatsApp is a modified version of the official WhatsApp. Which enables you to enjoy additional features and customizations which are not present in the Official WhatsApp. Making it a on demand and popular modified version of the WhatsApp. FM WhatsApp main feature is enabling you to enable or disable official WhatsApp features. So, if you don’t want anyone to know that you are typing, especially in the case if you have slow typing. Which is sometime embarrassing, with FM WhatsApp feature you can hide your typing indicator. Thus makes you relax and comfortable and send when you are ready with your message.

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In addition to that you can hide the Audio Recording Indicator as well. FM WhatsApp also enable you to hide your view status. It is best when you want to know your friend’s activity and status without being noticing. Unlike official WhatsApp, you can hide the delivered and blue tick option in FM WhatsApp. If you want to text someone but don’t want to save the number in your contact list, then FM WhatsApp can help you. FM WhatsApp APP help you send the message to unsaved Contact directly, without taking the time to save the contact in your contact list.

Another Feature of FM WhatsApp, which I think is a very useful and enjoyable is that you see the deleted Status of your friends, which can help you to track your friends activities secretly and without being noticed.

Features Fouad WhatsApp APK

  • Customizations

With FM WhatsApp, you can customize your WhatsApp experience. You can change themes, depending upon your mood and likenesses. You can also change fonts, Color and you can hide status and even can see deleted status of your friends.

  • Restricting Calling Option

Getting calls sometime become very irritating, especially if the caller is stubborn and not letting you relax. Then you have a solution. Using FM WhatsApp Call Blocker, you can restrict the calling option which means that you can now select who can call you and which contacts cannot. This feature is interesting especially for that friend who is disturbing you for no reason and you want to get rid of him, Isn’t so Unique Feature?

  • Hide View Status

FM WhatsApp Hide view Status, you can hide your view status and can secretly view of your friends Activity, without being noticed. This option is very useful when you don’t want you friend to know that you have viewed his/her status.

  • Disable Forwarded Tag

FM WhatsApp, this feature enable you to remove the forwarded tag from a forwarded message. So now you don’t have to be worried about sharing anything that’s is being forwarded. Freely share and forward without having a Forwarded Tag.


FM WhatsApp is a complete and perfect modifications available in Internet nowadays. With its unique features and functions, you can enjoy your Favorite Socializing platform with extra enjoyment and level. Are you Ready to enjoy these features of WhatsApp? Then you don’t have to look any farther. FM WhatsApp is ready to download now.

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