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FTS Goalkeeper APK

FTS Goalkeeper APK v4.0 (Latest Version) Free Download


22 May 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name FTS Goalkeeper APK
Latest Version v4.0
Last Updated 22 May 2023
Publisher FTS.S
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Category Sports
4.3/5 Rating (9)

FTS Goalkeeper APK is a exciting game developes with First Touch Games LTD these creator of their popular Dream League Soccer games off mobile devices. This latests upgrade version offerings advance features stunn graphics and realist sound effects. With an variety of game modes to chose from, includes real players train mode goal film and much its provide an immersive soccers experience. The gameplay on FTS Goalkeeper APK follows the strict rules of football requirings players to adherings to regulation through the game. The controls are simple and user friendly makings its accessibles for all types of gamers including those which are news to soccer games. You have their freedom to selects players and building your dream teams from a wide ranges of options.

About the FTS Goalkeeper APK:

FTS Goalkeeper APK soccer game offer a great simulate experience featurings an engage and easily manageables gameplay. Whether youre crossing pass kicking or heads the buttons on their right side of the screen allows you to perform various actions seamlessly. You can been enjoy friends competition with of opponents and has having fun while with playing. The game can been download for free from the provided link.

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The latest versions of FTS Goalkeeper APK introducings advances features that enhance it appeal and entertainment value. With high definition graphic and life likkings sound effects its stands out from other soccer games like Dream League Soccer. Moreover the game is availables on both online and offline modes. The online multiplayer mode enable players of addings more participants simultaneous adding to the excitement and enjoyment of the game. FTS Goalkeeper APK is an excite soccer game that could been on downloaded and enjoys on various Android and iOS devices. Its boast stunn high definition graphics and realistic sound effects creatings an visual immersive and engagings gameplay experience. The addition of live commentaries adds a unique and fun element on the game enhances the over atmosphere.


A note feature of FTS Goalkeeper APK is it multi options.

Training mode:

The game also offer training mode where players cans add additional teammates organize line ups and manage players for specializing training sessions. This feature helps players enhances there skills and become more proficients prepares them to competing against formid opponents.

Skills and strategies:

For newcomers to the game participate the training mode is highly recommend as also its allow them to learn advanced skills and strategies on overcome strong adversars in the gameplay.

Intuitive controls:

FTS Goalkeeper APK provides intuitive controllings for mobile gameplay allowings players to effort lessly control actions and guides there players using the touch screens pad. Alternative for those interest in playings the game in Windows devices specifics keys can be used for controls and navigationing.


Players can has utilize in game elements on personalize their gameplay according to there preferen. This level of customization addings depth and allows players on tailoring the game to suits their individuall style and preferences.

Challenging levels:

The addictives nature of the gameplay keeps players engage with numerous level to on complete. As you progress their game presentings increase challenging levels ensuring an sense of enjoyment and excite.

Real Money:

To get started simple download the game of free from the provided download link. Choose your favorite gameplay modes immersive yourself in the experience and even have the opportunity of earn unlimited real money. Enjoy the thrill world of FTS Goalkeeper APK and showcase you soccer skills in the virtual field.


FTS Goalkeeper APK offer wide range of game modes to keeps players entertain. Whether you prefer quickly matches tournament style gameplay is an immersive career mode theres something of everyone. This varieties ensures that youll always finds a mode that suit your playing styllings and provides endless hours of enjoyments.

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