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Gacha Lavender Apk

Gacha Lavender Apk v1.3.4 (Latest Version) Free Download


12 May 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name Gacha Lavender Apk
Latest Version v1.3.4
Last Updated 12 May 2023
Publisher StarShop
Requires Android 4.4 and up
0/5 Rating (0)

Have you ever thought what would your life be without video games?

Can life really be fun without video games?

The answer is surely NO for many but some argues and say YES. It’s not that life without video games isn’t fun; it’s that but naturally when you quit games to play you will need new ways to have fun again which might took longer and make life boring and stressful. Gaming is how you make fun and learn new skills. It not only makes a person to refresh rather it boost up the mind and gives the opportunity to learn new strategies in day to day life.

By analysing the facts, we are presenting you the best app “Gacha Lavender Apk” which is considered among top most gaming apps. In this game you have to create your own anime characters based on your interest and dress them up. Different outfits help you to create a unique clothing style for each character. This app is an online gaming app that connects the players to explore other’s anime characters as well which joining parties. Once you dressed up and join party you will enter into studio which provides you to show your planning skills. Moreover, add pets, tools, and choose your favourite background. So, let’s find more about this app in the following section.

About Gacha Lavender Apk

Gacha Lavender Apk is a Gacha club Mod that allows you to create their own anime styled characters and dress them up in your favourite outfits. You have the option of choosing for thousands of dresses, shoes, gloves, socks, hairstyles, weapons and many more. Once your anime character is dressed up then go for parties and the studio there helps you to create your own fictional story. You can choose your favourite background too.

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It is Mod as it merges best with Gacha MOD’s like Gacha Redux, Gacha Universal,and  Gacha Neon. It provides with customization options to choose and change different colours. Here you are the king of your own story that how you create and manage your anime character that truly suits you. In addition, the player is given the chance to recreate ten main and ninety mini characters. The characters have maximum 600 poses to change.

You can fully customize your play by making a purchase in the store. Hence, this app gives the golden chance to improve your imagination power by creating and recreating the anime characters. Thus uplifting your hidden abilities and other skills.

Features of Gacha Lavender Apk

  • Thousands of dresses and cool fashion designs to choose
  • Customization of different anime characters
  • Activate drawing mode( choose best pose to impress the audience)
  • Studio scenes make the whole game interesting
  • Best cartoon pictures available
  • Have the right to adjust for favourite pet
  • Make sure your anime has a unique outfit and style
  • 100% free customization
  • Have the option to import and export your friends characters


We have put our best efforts to create this gaming app and ensure you the best quality content. With this app you can add some fun to your busy routine as well as learning something new. It is not only for fun but it is created to enhance the thinking skills of young mind by giving them the chance to choose best outfit for them and building narration skills which is much related to our everyday life. We hope and expect that you would definitely like our app and find much fun with it. So download and install it now!

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