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Gacha World APK v1.3.6 (Latest Version) – Free Download


12 July 2023 (10 months ago)

App Name Gacha World APK
Latest Version v1.3.6
Last Updated 12 July 2023
Publisher Lunime
Requires Android 4.4 and up
5/5 Rating (2)

Japan! What do you think when the word comes out? My mind says uniquely amazing. That’s what the software games of Japan are. They are cool and so much tricky at the same time. The game we are going to discuss now is one of a unique application where you can have the options to customize the characters you are playing with in the game. The application has so much to it that we will discuss in this article.

The Gacha World APK is a Japanese game develop by the software developers to give a new taste to gaming experiences. It is a Astela capsule hat you will have in your device. You can play different types of such Gacha machines to have your points get hiked. With these points you can buy the amazing and imported products from Japan. These imports include imported direct from Japan, stationery, hobby items and anime. The team of the Gacha anime team has themselves developed the Gacha World APK as a role playing game. You can go and play the game to collect a lot of anime styled in different fascinating way.

About the Gacha World APK

The experience of having this application will be so unique to you for sure as it is unique itself. The Japanese Gacha World APK is an Astela capsule machine that will give a very unique touch to your experience of new and amazingly unique experience. You will, in the game, get points by playing the game and use these points that you scored to collect stationary, hobby items, anime and many more of the unique products that have been just imported directly from Japan to the shops where you will buy the application.

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The owners and team who made the anime Gahch and the Gacha club has developed this game of Gacha world. The main aim is to collect as many as hundred of the characters which you will get through the Gatch system. You can customize the appearance of your hero and the character you choose. You can have as hero of yours as you wish, you can change the appearance of the hero by changing their hair color and style, shape, skin color ans so on like haircut, eyes and clothing as well.

More about Gacha World APK

There are multiple missions to complete and every mission has its own way and track of doing. The accomplished mission will built your gem collection by which you can have the dire needed features of the application.

For the battles in the Gacha World APK, I would say that it has some deep and different combat system than other battle games. You will have easy and then very difficult battles as well, so with the ascending level the battles will get tougher and tougher making it so much difficult and at that time you will have the features required and can buy if you have accumulated enough gems and treasures.

Features of the Gacha World APK

The features that you can evaluate the application with are the given ones;

  • Customization; you have the option to customize your hero as per your preference and the hero would like as you wish. You can change the skin color, eyes, hair style and color, and so on to make it more of an amazing use.
  • Gems collection; the more gems and treasures you have then more features you can avail, so get as many gems as possible.
  • User friendly; the game has user friendly front and one can use easily.


All the required information are mentioned in the application but let me tell you that this is one of the most engaged game that I have in my device because I love making the characters as per my own interest and that makes me make an artist inside me as well as a game beside.

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