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GamoVideo APK v5.5.0 (Latest Version) – Free Download


24 December 2022 (1 year ago)

App Name GamoVideo APK
Latest Version v5.5.0
Last Updated 24 December 2022
Requires Android 4.4 and up
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It is a powerful video streaming and editing app designed for Android devices. With the GamoVideo APK, you have the ability to create stunning videos on your device in just minutes. It offers everything you need to make amazing videos, from capturing and editing clips to sharing them via multiple platforms. Not only does it provide all the basic features of a standard video-editing app, but it also offers advanced features such as special effects, transitions, audio mixing, and more. With its easy-to-use user interface and tons of attractive filters and effects, GamoVideo APK makes creating and sharing amazing videos easier than ever before.

About GamoVideo APK:

GamoVideo APK is a free video editing app for Android and iOS devices. It offers powerful tools for producing high quality videos, such as tracking shots, color grading, and sound effects. The app has a wide range of features including applying stickers and effects as well as adding voice-overs and music. It also supports multiple video formats and codecs, so users can create videos in a variety of different resolutions depending on their needs.

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GamoVideo also supports sharing to social networks directly from the app, allowing creators to reach a wider audience with their content.

Features of GamoVideo APK:

Live Streaming: GamoVideoAPK offers high quality live streaming of videos available online. It supports multiple streaming protocols including RTMP, HLS and WebRTC, allowing users to stream audio and video to a range of platforms.

2. Advanced Video Editor: GamoVideo APK comes with a built-in advanced video editor which allows users to edit existing videos or create their own projects with special effect overlays, multi-track audio and other tools. The editor also provides access to exclusive stock footage collections as well as supporting all popular file formats.

3. Social Media Integration: GamoVideoapp is fully integrated with social media, allowing users to share their projects across different platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter from within the app itself. The interface also features detailed insight into audience engagement such as likes, comments and views for real time feedback on user content trends.

4. Chroma Key Support: GamoVideo has powerful chroma key support for advanced green screen effects which allow users to composition footage and merge it into vibrant visuals that look truly professional in quality. Chroma key has previously been only available in desktop software but can now be used from within this mobile application at ease!

More Features of the app:

5. Multi-Camera Recording/Editing: Users have the ability to stream up to 4 different feeds with multicam recording & editing options available in the GamoVideo application! This makes it possible for anyone creating a project using multiple cameras or angles without needing any additional equipment or software solutions outside of this app download.

6. Customizable Video Player: GamoVideo APK also includes a customizable HTML5 player allowing you configure playback speed, volume settings, start/stop points as well as many other parameters perfectly suited for personalized viewing experiences within your website or solution* (*Additional plans required).

7. Cloud Storage & Delivery Network: Lastly, the cloud-based storage and delivery network provided by the app eliminates load times on slow networks ensuring that data loads quickly no matter where you are located! Users can then share uploaded content directly from within the interface directly via various social media networks or traditional website links depending on user need* (*Additional plans required).


The GamoVideo APK is a great way to stream and watch movies, series and more on mobile devices. It is extremely easy to install and has some of the best feature that make streaming easier than ever before. Notifications can be added so users get alerted when their favorite show is ready for streaming as well as refreshing links that enable faster loading times. The interface is user friendly with an easy navigation system and its light-weight size makes it an ideal choice for avid streamers. Moreover, the no ads policy ensures a clean viewing experience with no redirection or buffering issues which make this one of the best streaming applications available.

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