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Garden of Banban 2 APK

Garden of Banban 2 APK v4 (Latest Version) – Free Download


13 March 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name Garden of Banban 2 APK
Latest Version v4
Last Updated 13 March 2023
Publisher Garten_devlopper
Requires Android 4.4 and up
0/5 Rating (0)

Garden of Banban 2 APK is a horror game where the protagonist is stuck in a secret basement from where he strives to escape so that he could save his life. The game has stunning graphics and magnificent revelations, start your game and explore what this hidden basement has to offer. The game is going to be a scary one as this has been bestowed with several awards in this category which makes this a certified game by the experts of the market. You will have a great time playing this game once you download this on your android device. 

Numerous monsters in the basement attack you so that they could eat you. The most terrifying one is the green monster that created problems for the users in the previous version of the game as well. As you travel through the tunnel to get yourself out of the basement, you will see many obstacles that will block your way to the outside world. Challenge yourself with an ultimate survival game called Garden of Banban 2 APK where you get yourself trapped inside a hidden basement. The game becomes tougher as you pass through different levels, you will encounter different species most of which will be mendacious monsters that are there only to kill you. 

About Garden of Banban 2 APK

 Install the game and see if you can survive this challenge or not. Apart from the gameplay, users have many other things to explore. The best of them is the graphics of the game. These games come in 3D graphics which are the most demanded things in the gaming market. These graphics double the entertainment and enjoyment.

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You will experience smooth and swift graphics with zero distortions. Apart from the graphics, the interface is also one of the best ones as it does not have complications that could make things hard for gamers when they are using the app. 

Features of Garden of Banban 2 APK


The game is all about survival. It puts you in a condition where you face innumerable challenges like facing monsters, fighting with unknown enemies, and much more. You have to keep walking through the only tunnel and try to get out of the basement as fast as you can. 


As we have mentioned above as well, you will get satisfied with the graphics once you install the app and start using it. This is also available on the Play Store; this store does not permit apps that have not been develop professionally so you can trust this package. 


There are no ads in the game, the game generates its revenue through in-app purchases. There are several interesting things in the app to buy. You do not have to worry about the ads at all. 

Game speed 

Talking about the game speed, it is one of such games which come with a high game speed. The game is compatible with almost all android devices which makes it easy for the game to run smoothly. 


There are no safety risks in downloading this app on your android device. 


Garden of Banban 2 APK is a horror game. This is the updated version of the game that was previously release. This time, the game has released with many new exciting features and graphics content. Passing levels in this version is not as easy as it used to be in the previous version. Download the app and start the challenge if you think you have got the guts to fight and survive. 

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    wow! we download this game everyone!