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GB IOS X Android APK v6.0 (Latest Version) – Free Download


20 March 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name GB IOS X Android APK
Latest Version v6.0
Last Updated 20 March 2023
Publisher GB IOS X
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Category Communication
0/5 Rating (0)

GB IOS X Android APK is an Android WhatsApp MOD that allows you to emulate the appearance of the chat and instant messaging software on Apple devices. This is a really handy MOD that you should get in the future. In actuality, this app was created using Apple’s lines and instant messaging program for cell phones. With such functionality, it is simple to see why you may appreciate a design in which the skins, Emojis, line, and other components of the app are configured to merge better on iOS than on Android. When you use this MOD, you will have the same features as the official version of WhatsApp, including the same typefaces, layers, lines, and other distinguishing aspects of the iOS app on your Android. It can provide you with more great experiences when you use it. You will be pleased with the APK.

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About GB IOS X Android APK 

GB iOS X is an Android WhatsApp modification that mimics how the app appears on Apple devices. StefanoYG created this WhatsApp MOD with a graphical interface comparable to the iOS version. The developer created a new and enhanced version with the design and lines of the original using the code from an existing mod, such as GBWhatsApp. The end product was a makeover that resembled the iOS messaging app User experience. As a consequence, the design is remarkably similar to the iOS interface of the messaging software.

This social networking software was creating to allow the most recent capabilities of non-professional WhatsApp Plus iOS. This is a fantastic program for calculating percentages of your friends’ and pets’ images, movies, documents, audio samples, and other media. GB WhatsApp is highly value in the market due to its chat market and media traffic functionality. You will like the design where the applications are adjust to suit distinct covers, lines, text, and components on iOS rather from Android. Most essential, you must download the APK and install it in lieu of WhatsApp. It should be note, however, that the MODs are not update at the same rate as the original versions.

Features of GB IOS X Android APK

IOS Interface: The main motivation for building this app was to bring an iOS-like interface to Android users as well.

New Fonts: It goes without saying that a customized app will provide you with some very wonderful customization choices. You will have access to a variety of typefaces here, which will make your talks more fascinating.

Simple to use: Because the software is so simple to use, there will be no complaints regarding technological concerns. This program is simple to use and may be use by anybody.

Free: The best part is that you get all of this for free, which makes this software even more fantastic.

Solitary: This app allows you to send messages and documents without saving the number which is not present in the other apps which shows its convenience as well as ease.

Customization: The app contains lots of new Themes and fonts styles. Literally you can change the whole look of the messaging area also you can add your own images in background easily.

Emojis: The app also gives you thousands of new Emojis to express your emotions more precisely and beautifully. You can also customize the emoji icons as you wish.


WhatsApp’s modes have grown in popularity among users as a result of many functionalities that are lacking from the original app. WhatsApp mode lets you personalize your app by adding different font styles, covers, themes, and privacy settings, among other things. GB iOS X was created for WhatsApp users who desire the iOS UI on their Android handsets.

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