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Granny 5 APK v1.3.3 [Latest Version] For Android Download


10 May 2024 (2 weeks ago)

App Name Granny 5 APK
Latest Version v1.3.3
Last Updated 10 May 2024
Publisher PUDDING
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Category Arcade Trending
Size 475 MB
3.3/5 Rating (183)

Granny 5 APK is an escape game for Android devices. It has been describe as “one of the scariest apps available”, and players must try to safely escape from a terrifyingly eerie house full of puzzles within five days. The game starts when you wake up in a strange room within the house, with no idea how you got there or why. Players have to solve puzzles to figure out how to get out – all while keeping an eye on Granny, a scary old woman who will not let you leave!

Moreover, it is such a thrilling and exciting game that leads you to a world full of horror environments. You can enjoy the game with the best horror person you want and have to escape from an old lady that creates a very thrilling scene in the game. You way out of many problems, you have to leave the horror room and try to escape from that room. Despite many other problems and difficulties, you will love to play such a dangerous game.

About Granny 5 APK

In this you can move around the various rooms in the house by using the arrow keys on your device. In each room, you must explore and find hidden keys that open locked doors and other items that help you progress through the puzzles. You must take extra care when moving around insofar as Granny will constantly be on the lookout for your movements – if she spots you then its game over!

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Granny 5 features several levels, each more difficult than the next, with new puzzles and challenges at every turn along with smaller mini-puzzles to complete before progressing further. It also has full sound support. So that players can be immersed into this terror-filled environment as they try and make their way out in time before being captured by Granny herself!  Additionally, all hints revealed throughout each level are save for players to refer back to if they stuck trying to solve any particular puzzle!

More About the App

The added bonus of playing alone or in teams – making this a great addition for parties that want some fun filled adventure as well. Which Adds another layer of excitement which will keep players engaged with this horror inspired title year round! Additionally multiplayer mode allows friends co-workers & family members alike to come together solving common goals & competing against one another bring whole new level strategy competition into mix! 

Granny 5 APK is a horror game that involves the involvement of a scary old lady who scares you while you are sleeping. This reminds you to become aware of the threats and troubles and makes you leave the room. But the house was full of other secrets that created a puzzle-like situation for you and your group. The main role is of the old lady, the only point is you have to save your life and solve the given investigation process along the whole journey.

The horror possibility is favorable for many user. Who are interested in creating and enjoying an element full of thrill and investigation. The challenges are also suitable for all those who have the courage to bear all such accidents about incident involvement of scary creatures. The major ability to bear difficult circumstances is needed to play this horror game. The appearance of hurdles and tasks is unexpected and awakens you to the complexity level of this application.

Features of Granny 5 APK:

  • Unlock able Items and Levels:

 With the Granny 5 APK, you can unlock a variety of items as you progress through levels. These may include new clothes, hairstyles, and other decorations to customize your soon to be elderly grandma look. You can also unlock special levels that come with even more unusual items and rewards that you may never find anywhere else!

  • Intuitive Controls:

Granny 5 APK is design with intuitive controls that make it easy for people of all ages to navigate through the game and excel. Quick swipes and button presses allow you to perform complex manoeuvres quickly in order to progress further in the game faster than ever before.

  • Variety of Puzzles:

 The puzzles within Granny 5 don’t just consist of simple guessing games but will challenge your creativity, logic, and visual skills at different times throughout each level. This gives the game a great sense of replay ability as well as allowing it to truly live up to its title of being part puzzle-game.

  • Different Characters:

 There are a total of five character types available in Granny 5 APK: young grannies, old grannies, kids aged 7-15 years old, adults aged 20+ years old, and seniors aged 60+ years old! As you travel though the levels these characters will increase in difficulty depending on their age or range.

More Features of the app

  • Enhanced Graphics:

 One aspect that makes this powerful version shine is its graphics capabilities with high definition 3D models available right out. The gates when download Granny APK onto your device! This allows for enjoyable visuals during longer gaming sessions without having any issues popping up due to screen overheating or video lag while playing!

  • Immersive Gameplay:

As Granny 5 takes place from a top down perspective instead of side scrolling like other games in this genre. It allows for greater freedom when manoeuvring around obstacles in each level which encourages smoother movements by allowing players more time thinking about solutions instead of panicking due a sudden death situation! In addition; Its soundtrack adds an additional immersive layer thanks to its amazing sound effects and ambient tracks unique only to this game which adds even further immersion into the game’s experience overall! 

  • Get Some Help:

Every now again some levels can get pretty tough; Fear not as there is always help nearby if needed as one feature offered called “ask me later” allows you skip certain parts without actually skipping parts while still being rewarded with points after completing them correctly upon revisiting it later on giving everyone a chance no matter what skill-level they possess


Luckily enough developers have made sure that there is an option save data at any point during play through so don’t need worry about losing progress even if unexpected interruption (such as electricity cuts) were occur while playing through levels without having restart all over again afterwards!!

At last, is an adventurous game that has many more purchased game features for you. Better players will have more chance to have new survival. Now, you are ready to play this new version of Granny 5 APK to create an immersed situation for you.

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