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Graveyard Keeper APK v1.129 (Latest Version) – Free Download


1 January 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name Graveyard Keeper APK
Latest Version v1.129
Last Updated 1 January 2023
Publisher tinyBuild
Requires Android 4.4 and up
3/5 Rating (1)

Graveyard Keeper APK is a simulation game created and launched for horror fans who enjoy the paranormal and eerie things. Players assume the position of a graveyard keeper in the game and are entrusted with administering a medieval cemetery. This game’s plot is one-of-a-kind, with a sense of peril and uncertainty that keeps the player on the edge of their seat. Players must tend to the graves, execute burial ceremonies, and interact with the community to progress in the game. The game also includes crafting and resource management components, as players must gather materials strewn across the environment and manufacture objects in order to continue. Graveyard Keeper has garnered mostly excellent feedback for its dark humor and unusual combination of gaming elements. It contains all of the components of a good thriller game, such as uncertainty and suspense.

About Graveyard Keeper APK

Graveyard keeper is a must-see for all eerie enthusiasts. It is essentially a role-playing game. The protagonist gets involved in an automobile accident on his way to work. The body travels back in time to the Middle Ages and becomes a grave guardian. Players must fulfill the assigned tasks and finish assigned missions to return to the future. First, build and run your own graveyard, then expand into other companies while seeking cost-cutting shortcuts. Make use of all available resources. After all, this is a game about capitalist spirit and doing whatever it takes to develop a thriving business. The plot of this thriller game is the series of events and conflicts that drive the story forward and keep the player engaged.

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The goal of this game is very well defined, the player dies in a road accident, and his body travels to the old time. Now his soul enters the body of another person and is guarding his body in the grave. Players have to protect the dead body at all costs and complete the tasks in order to return to the real world. However, this task is not simple, as players have to overcome a series of obstacles and challenges in order to achieve that goal. To complete the tasks, Gather valuable material scattered across the surrounding areas and creatively craft new items. With the true essence of the medieval game, explore mysterious dungeons. The game includes a number of various gameplay concepts, such as resource management, time management, and crafting, all of which combine to produce a distinctive and enjoyable gaming experience.

Features of Graveyard Keeper APK

Interesting story

Graveyard keeper apk has a  well-written and engaging story that keeps players interested in the game.

Captivating graphics

2D graphics in graveyard keeper enhance this retro-style indie game. Developers have chosen these for their simplicity and ease of creation, as well as to create a distinctive aesthetic.

Beautiful visuals

The high-quality and captivating graphics of the graveyard apk helps to immerse players in the game world.

Replay value

Unlike other games, the graveyard apk can be played multiple times and still be enjoyable. Because of its unique story, players are forced to get hooked.

Variety of gameplay mechanics

Graveyard keeper apk offers a variety of gameplay mechanics, including crafting, collecting materials, time management, and much more.


Graveyard keeper is the best game that has received valuable comments for its unique combination of gaming mechanics, storyline, and tension and thrill elements. Overall, Graveyard Keeper is a simulation game, so if you enjoy simulation games and are searching for something new, Graveyard Keeper could be worth a try. It contains all of the ingredients of a good medieval game, including a suspenseful and thrilling game storyline, as well as a sense of danger and uncertainty that keeps the player on the edge of their seat.

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    Good game